Article Pronounciation Practice and Listening Exercise - listening and practicing the 'th' sound


Here's a handout that I use to help my students practice and learn how to pronounce the 'th' sound. First, I show them how to make the 'th' sound. Then, I go through the words line by line. I have the students first listen to me pronounce the word and then I get them to repeat after me. I go through Part 1 several times. After that, I test their listening skills by doing part 2 of the handout. They have to circle the word they hear me say.


Part 1 - Practice saying these words with me.

Column 1----------------- Column 2

1 sick-------------------thick
2 sum------------------ thumb
3 sink------------------ think
4 mouse-------------- mouth
5 pass -----------------path
6 first--------------------thirst
7 free---------------------three
8 fin-----------------------thin
9 Fred--------------------thread
10 tree---------------------three
11 tanks-------------------thanks
12 bat----------------------bath
13 tent---------------------tenth
14 taught------------------thought

Part 2 Circle the word you hear.

A It's very sick / thick.

B Many tanks / thanks.

C He taught / thought for a little while.

D This bat / bath is too big.

E He has a big mouse / mouth.

F He came in tent / tenth.

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Hi. I´m trying toget acces to the exercises.
Thank you,. Milton

i want spek enlish fluently

I want to speak English fluently like native speaking.


October 16, 2008 3:08 PM

I want to speak English fluently like native speaking.
me too, but how? i really need help.

what would "He came in tent" mean? (exercise F)

It's the incorrect answer- it wouldn't mean much without adding an article.

HI. Where is the sound key on the page?

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