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Supplementary Teaching Resources for EFL/ESL Teachers for teaching privates and small groups of students

The e-book "Supplementary Teaching Resources for EFL/ESL Teachers for teaching privates and small groups of students" embraces many aspects of teaching English and is based on the author's experience of teaching English overseas. It is an essential resource for anyone who is teaching privates and working with small groups of students.

It includes many examples of sample dialogues on a variety of topics, which would be of interest to learners of English, pair work and group work activities, role-plays, and useful handouts.

Proceeds from the sale of the e-book will be donated to agencies promoting HIV/AIDS education.

Stefan Chiarantano

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I'm looking for esl primary sports english lessons.
Thank you

Congratulations for this lovely site. It really gives me great ideas whenever I need something other than Grammar subjects and so on… looking for resources in english

I teach to a small group of about 7 - 8 children. I have three of these groups per week. Although I teach at a Kindergarten, I am totally independent from the school and teach in a separate building. I am feeling frustrated! I am teaching English abroad. How do I enforce rules and structure so that the children are taking something home? At the moment I get the feeling that the English that I offer is like a place of where they come to mess about without taking anything seriously! The ages range from 5-7. Its hard capturing all the pupils in the class. I have quite a few boys and the lack of respect is overpowering sometimes. I have spoken, but I guess with no consequence and not knowing what would be an appropriate way to get the message across that I mean what I say without upsetting the parents or the teachers...Goodness me! I end-up wasting all my time trying to discipline rather on teaching. Its not like I am teaching for 2 consecutive hours. My lessons - from the time they take off their shoes to the time they have put them on is 45 minutes. So that should not be a long "torturous" time for them. One of the boys responded in his mother tongue that he found it boring. I try to variety of activities so they don‘t get bored. The frustrating part of it is that I spend hours preparing for my lessons making the children their own "jotters" and in the end somethings is lacking. I guess that‘s what has brought me to your sight. Some pupils are not even sure what they have learnt!! This makes me what to throw my hands in the air! What am I doing wrong???

I don't teach young learners so I can't really help, but we have a forum that has teachers who do who will be able to help you:

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