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Lexxica provides resources to determine how much vocabulary a student knows and find gaps in their knowledge. They also claim to be able to accurately assess which words a student already knows.

The site is difficult to navigate and prone to crash. If all goes well, try the V-Check to find out how vocabulary you know (works for native speakers, too) and V-Admin to process your data. There are also flash games, free graded texts and flash cards.

I would be interested if other members here tried it and posted comments.

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Alex, it displays in Japanese in the V-Check area so I couldn't use it, though the language was set to English. Let me know when it's fixed and I'll head back.

Yes, the site is quite messed up. I talked to CEO, Cihi a few months back about taking over management of it, but he scared me off. If anyone brave out there wants to give it a go, it looks like he still needs someone.

It also came out in Japanese for me!

This whole site seems to be in early development. Japanese popped up throughout V-Flash and Sight Words. Sound Bubbles crashed Adobe Acrobat. On the other hand, V-Read has a very nice feature of letting students adjust the word level. I look forward to better things here!

I have just tried this site ( 02/03/08 ) and its still coming up in Japanese for me too. Sounds like an interesting site though, so will check back next week! Good luck!!

Me too. Getting only Japanese and my preferences are all set for English. I would like to try this, so please let us know when it is working again.


I had the same problem. Japanese came out everytime I tried taking the v-check. It seems like an interesting site and I really want to try it out.

I received an e-mail from Guy last night. He is getting on top of things, and he aims to have the site stable by the first of May.

Alex, well it tentatively looks like the demand for the site is there...


Why is it set to appear en Japanese? I could not work with it. It looks interesting, but it is no workable.

Thanks for mentioning Lexxica on your site. I encourage you to please take another look at the Lexxica website.
Tremendous improvements have been made and there will more improvements coming in September, including mobile services. The entire website has been updated and it's fully ready for use. For those who wish to study or navigate the site in English, there is a drop-down menu at the upper left of the page. We will launch Korean and Chinese versions of the website in the Fall. I would like to thank all of our early Beta users for their patience and support. Welcome to the new Lexxica!
Best regards,
Guy, Charles, and the entire Lexxica Team

One more thing... Users can control how the words are displayed in the flashcards and games by saving the settings located just underneath each application. So, for example, just underneath the Flashcards, there is a "Setting" window. Select how you want to see the Flashcards display your words, and click on the "Save Settings" button. The default set to Japanese definitions and English sentences. Enjoy it with your students! And, any teachers or school operators who are interested in exploring a business opportunity with Lexxica should contact [email protected]
Thanks, GC

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