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The world has a common language to solve its common problems. So says Jay Walker in the following video. Here he explains why two billion people around the world are trying to learn the world's second langauage, English.

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English schools are failing their students every day through over packing their classrooms with students, using old-fashioned teaching methodologies, using irrelevent textbooks, and hiring poorly qualified or experienced teachers. If we keep going the way we currently are, the English mania will turn into...Chinese mania.

I doubt it- there may be a decline in the standard of teaching, but I don't see that leading to a replacement of the language.

The speech is comparable to a work of art in terms of its construction. I recognize that a lot of work was put into it and I respect that. However, in all honesty, I feel that it appears to be too propagandistic. The speech has a certain 'missionary' aura about it and this is, actually, counterproductive.

However, I definitely agree with the fact that the knowledge of a common language aids global dialogue and, thus, is useful in tackling the serious problems of our times. English is that common language and I do witness a real push to learn it in this world.

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