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English Mania

By Red5 on Jan 16, 2011 | | 3 Comments

The world has a common language to solve its common problems. So says Jay Walker in the following video. Here he explains why two billion people around the world are trying to learn the world's second langauage, English.

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First Languages Spoken at

By Tdol on Apr 30, 2006 | | 2 Comments

Last year I looked at the first languages spoken by people joining the forum or becoming members. At that time, just a few months after we has started recording the information, we had 66 languages. Now we have far more. The data is very messy because people type the languages in and it is taking a long time to clean it and sort out spellings and variations, as well as dealing with some oddities like the three people who stated that they had no first language and the person who claimed that HTML was their first language. I am also not sure whether Esperanto is a genuine first language, as claimed by one person. However, the list of languages at the top of the list has some languages that were there last year, while others are coming in- the very top is unchanged, but as we move down the list things are changing. I shall put the full results out soon, though it may take a few days as I am about to move to another country. Here are the top 25 languages so far:

Languages spoken at the forum

By Tdol on Mar 18, 2005 | | 6 Comments

When people register with our site forum, they are asked what their first language is. Though not a complete list, many have submitted their first language and the range is interesting. We have no fewer than 66 first languages from Africa, America, Asia and Europe.