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EntryIELTS Academic Writing Tasks Comparison
Added on 23rd December 2014
EntryEmail- Closing Lines
Added on 19th December 2014
EntryAdverbs of Manner- Language Learning
Added on 15th December 2014
EntryChristmas and New Year Trends
Added on 12th December 2014
EntryClothes- Possessives Drawing Game
Added on 9th December 2014
EntryIELTS Speaking Roleplays
Added on 1st December 2014
EntryPassive Voice - Practice Guide
Added on 29th November 2014
EntryEnglish Adverbs - Highly
Added on 29th November 2014
EntryUncountable Categories Board Game
Added on 19th November 2014
EntryRequests & Enquiries Board Game
Added on 16th November 2014
EntryPresent Simple Chain Stories
Added on 14th November 2014
EntryFunctional Language Dice Game
Added on 7th November 2014
EntryMaking Arrangements- Phone Calls Game
Added on 29th October 2014
EntryIELTS Speaking Part Two Tasks- Analysis
Added on 27th October 2014
EntryUsed to/Would Speaking Game
Added on 23rd October 2014
EntryPresent Simple Routines Information Gap
Added on 21st October 2014