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An idiom is a phrase where the words together have a meaning that is different from the dictionary definitions of the individual words, which can make idioms hard for ESL students and learners to understand. Here, we provide a dictionary of 3,765 English idiomatic expressions with definitions.

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Added on 7-Mar-2015
Added on 7-Mar-2015
EntryFork in the road
Added on 18-Feb-2015
EntryWithout batting an eye
Added on 18-Feb-2015
EntryGarden variety
Added on 5-Feb-2015
EntryFrom the cradle to the grave
Added on 26-Jan-2015
EntryDay in, day out
Added on 22-Jan-2015
EntryCross the line
Added on 26-Nov-2014
EntryHandsome is as handsome does
Added on 25-Nov-2014
EntryTalk a mile a minute
Added on 23-Oct-2014
EntryToo clever by half
Added on 19-Oct-2014
EntryGrinning like a shot fox
Added on 7-Oct-2014
EntryFight fire with fire
Added on 26-Sep-2014
EntryFirst up, best dressed
Added on 16-Aug-2014
EntryPart of the furniture
Added on 13-Aug-2014
EntryCut someone off at the knees
Added on 11-Aug-2014
EntryTurn someone's crank
Added on 8-Aug-2014
EntryCat and mouse
Added on 21-Jul-2014
EntryFine-tooth comb
Added on 7-Jul-2014
EntryLike to died
Added on 27-Jun-2014
EntryCool your Jets
Added on 20-Jun-2014
EntryFly in the face of
Added on 11-Jun-2014
EntryIt is what it is
Added on 15-May-2014
EntryHit below the belt
Added on 15-May-2014
EntryUp to the hilt
Added on 12-May-2014
EntryOn the off-chance
Added on 5-May-2014
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