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King's ransom
If something costs or is worth a king's ransom, it costs or is worth a lot of money.
Kiss and tell
If people kiss and tell, they disclose private or confidential information.
Kiss something goodbye
If someone tells you that you can kiss something goodbye, you have no chance of getting or having it.
Kith and kin
Your kith and kin are your family; your next of kin are close relations you nominate to deal with your affairs in the event of your death on a document, like a passport.
Knee slapper
A knee slapper is something that is considered funny, though it is often used sarcastically.
Knock the pins from under someone
If someone knocks the pins from under you, they let you down.
Knock your block off
To punch someone in the face Eg : The next time you do something like that I'm going to "knock your block off".
Know full well
When you know full well, you are absolutely sure that you know.
Know the ropes
Someone who is experienced and knows how the system works know the ropes.
Know your place
A person who knows their place doesn't try to impose themselves on others.
Labor of love
A labor of love is a project or task undertaking for the interest or pleasure in doing it rather than the reward, financial or otherwise.
Labour of love
A labour of love is a project or task undertaking for the interest or pleasure in doing it rather than the reward, financial or otherwise.
Land of nod
If someone has gone to the land of nod, they have fallen asleep or gone to bed.
Landslide victory
A landslide victory is a victory in an election by a very large margin.
Larger than life
If something is excessive or exaggerated, it is larger than life.
Last hurrah
If an elderly person does something special before they die, it is a last hurrah.
Last laugh
The person who has the last laugh ends up with the the advantage in a situation after some setbacks.
A last-ditch attempt is a desperate attempt that will probably fail anyway.
Lay it on thick
If someone lays it on thick, they make an emotion or experience seem more important or serious than it really is.
Lean and mean
An organisation that is lean and mean has no excess or unnecessary elements and is very competitive.
Learn the ropes
If you are learning the ropes, you are learning how to do something.
Leave no stone unturned
If you look everywhere to find something, or try everything to achieve something, you leave no stone unturned.
Leave well alone
If you leave something well alone, you keep a safe distance from it, either physically or metaphorically.
Left in the dark
If you are left in the dark about something, you aren't given the information that you should have.
Left to your own devices
If someone is left to their own devices, they are not controlled and can do what they want.
Let alone
This is used to emphasise how extreme something could be: 'We hadn't got the money to phone home, let alone stay in a hotel.' This emphasises the utter impossibility of staying in a hotel.
Let bygones be bygones
If people decide to let bygones be bygones, they decide to forget old problems or grievances they have with each other.
Let the best be the enemy of the good
If the desire for an unattainable perfection stops someone from choosing good possibilities, they let the best be the enemy of the good.
Let the cat out of the bag
If you reveal a secret, you let the cat out of the bag.
Let the genie out of the bottle
If people let the genie out of the bottle, they let something bad happen that cannot be put right or controlled.
Let your guard down
If you let your guard down, you relax and stop looking out for danger.
Level best
If you do your level best, you make every possible efforrt to do something as well as you can.
Lie low
If someone lies low, they try not to be found or caught.
Lie through your teeth
Someone who is always lying, regardless of what people know, lies through their teeth.
Lightning rod
Someone or something that attracts a lot of negative comment, often diverting attention from other problems, is a lightning rod.
Like it or lump it
When people say this, they mean that the person will have to accept the situation because it isn't going to change.
Like no one's business
If I say my children are growing like no one's business, it means they're growing very quickly. See also 'Like the clappers' and 'Like there's no tomorrow'.
Like the clappers
If something is going like the clappers, it is going very fast.
Like wildfire
If something happens or spreads like wildfire, it happens very quickly and intensely.
Lines of communication
Lines of communication are the routes used to communicate by people or groups who are in conflict; a government might open lines of communication with terrorists if it wished to negotiate with them.
Little ol' me
Little ol' me is a way of referring to yourself that is meant to be modest or self-deprecatory, though often fake.
Live and let live
If you live and let live, you accept other people as they are, although they may have a different way of life.
Live wire
A person who is very active, both mentally and physically, is a live wire.
Lo and behold
This phrase is used to express surprise.
Lock, stock and barrel
This is an expressions that means 'everything'; if someone buys a company lock, stock and barrel, they buy absolutely everything to do with the company.
Look after number 1
You are number one, so this idiom means that you should think about yourself first, rather than worrying about other people.
Look before you leap
This idiom means that you should think carefully about the possible results or consequences before doing something.
Look on the bright side
If you look on the bright side, you try to see things in an optimistic way, especially when something has gone wrong.
Looks like we're the last dogs hung
When you are the last people left in the hall after an event. You look around and say..."looks like we're the last dogs hung."
Loose end
A loose end is an unresolved problem or unifinished business.

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