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English Idioms

Buy & download our British and American English idiom lists in PDF format. Includes lists of English idiom expressions and phrases with meanings and definitions.

Title Summary Price  
British English Idioms A collection of 150 British English idioms Only £1.50 GBP
American English Idioms A collection of 100 American English idioms Only £1.00 GBP
Animal Idioms A collection of 225 English idioms relating to animals Only £1.50 GBP

Really Learn the Most Useful Telephoning Phrases eBook

Over 100 pages of stimulating self-study practice with model dialogues, a detailed answer key, hints, study tips, realistic self-study speaking practice, and thorough preparation for your own real-life telephone calls.

Title Summary Price  
Single Learner Edition Perfect for individual study Only $1.99 (USD)
Class Edition For use in classes of 2 or more students Only $2.99 (USD)

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