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Latest Added or Updated Lesson Plans

Emailing problems and solutions

Updated: 30th May. 2023 | Giving advice on good emailing, with useful emailing phrases

Like and be like coin games

Updated: 29th May. 2023 | Like as a verb and preposition speaking coin game

Connected speech in IELTS Listening

Updated: 27th May. 2023 | Changed sounds in IELTS Listening answers at natural speed

Performance review questions with verb patterns speaking

Updated: 26th May. 2023 | Discussing performance and progress with verb + verb

Schwa in IELTS Listening gapfill answers

Updated: 25th May. 2023 | Unstressed vowel sound problems in IELTS Listening

Describing chemicals with passive voice

Updated: 24th May. 2023 | Passive voice lesson for engineers

Emails- Opening & Closing

Updated: 24th May. 2023 | Similar and different starting and ending emails phrases

Telephone or Face to Face?

Updated: 24th May. 2023 | Phrases for speaking on the phone and in person review

Business English Reports- Phrases

Updated: 24th May. 2023 | Typical typical for writing reports brainstorming and suggested phrases

Bulats- Writing & Speaking

Updated: 24th May. 2023 | BULATS Speaking on the topic of business writing

Continuous Aspect Sentences

Updated: 24th May. 2023 | Different continuous tenses speaking

Continuous Aspect Guessing Game

Updated: 24th May. 2023 | Different continuous tenses in one speaking game

Irregular plurals boasting game

Updated: 19th May. 2023 | Speaking practice for difficult plural forms

Elementary consonant clusters simplest responses

Updated: 15th May. 2023 | Listening to consonant blends quick reactions game

Job interview verb patterns speaking

Updated: 12th May. 2023 | Verb + verb practice through job interview questions

Selling ecological goods verbs of sensation practice

Updated: 10th May. 2023 | Sense verbs practice on the environment

Elementary consonant clusters the same or different

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | Minimal pairs and homophones with consonant clusters for low-level learners

Reports- Preposition and Determiner Pairwork

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | Grammar words in phrases for business reports pairwork

Sports Idioms

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | Business idioms from the world of sport review

Opinions- Mistakes

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | Typical errors with opinions phrases review

Making Opinions Stronger & Weaker

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | Changing medium-strength opinions phrases into ones with more specific meanings

People in Society

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | Discussing the value for different kinds of people for society, with jobs vocabulary practice

Sports Vocabulary- Specific & General Meanings

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | Other meanings of vocabulary used to describe sports

Short & Long Opinions- Phrases

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | Typical shorter phrases for asking for and giving opinions, and their longer forms

Improving the Olympics

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | How to make the Olympic Games better discussion.

Asking for Opinions- Key Words and Phrases Brainstorming

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | Asking people to give their opinion phrases review

Homophones for Elementary Learners- Odd One Out

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | Elementary homophones and minimal pairs

Brainstorming Phrases Practice – Improving Education

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | Group brainstorming practice on the topic of education

IELTS Speaking Part One and Needs Analysis First Lesson

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | First lesson for IELTS classes with needs analysis

Opinions- The Same or Different?

Updated: 9th May. 2023 | Differences between opinions phrases