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Latest Added or Updated Lesson Plans

Emails about insurance roleplays

Updated: 22nd Mar. 2023 | English for the insurance industry emailing practice

Idioms with as… as call my bluff

Updated: 22nd Mar. 2023 | As... as idioms bluffing game

Test each other on insurance vocabulary checking/ clarifying practice

Updated: 3rd Mar. 2023 | Useful checking/ clarifying questions on financial and business vocabulary, particularly for the insurance industry

Like, be like and look like ladder game

Updated: 24th Feb. 2023 | Adverbs with like and unlike games

Questions with can dice games

Updated: 26th Jan. 2023 | Yes/ No questions with can speaking game

Business communications brainstorming and errors

Updated: 26th Jan. 2023 | Typical phrases for electronic and face-to-face communication, with typical mistakes

First contact and further contact picking roleplays

Updated: 25th Jan. 2023 | 30 email, telephone and face to face roleplays

Business English- Dealing with Complaints Step by Step Roleplay Practice

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Easy and more challenging responding to complaints roleplays, including dealing with complaints by email and on the phone

Used To- Politically Correct Language

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Talking about unpolitically correct language in the past to practise used to

Used To- Original Meanings of Technology Terms

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Origins of tech vocab discussion for practice of the past tense "used to"

Used To- Discussion on Westernisation and Modernisation

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Using "used to" to talk about how westernised your country has become

IELTS Speaking- Clarifying Questions

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Useful phrases for checking the meaning of IELTS questions presentation and practice

FCE (First Certificate in English) Speaking Part One- Dice

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Fun Cambridge B2 First dice game to practise personal questions

British & American Academic English

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Differences between UK and US English in EAP

Used To Practice- Old Expressions

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Talking about the origins of language, and expressions which used to be used and are still okay

IELTS Writing- The Same or Different?

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Synonyms and common confusions in IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2

Business English- Step by Step Telephoning

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Easy and then more and more challenging telephoning roleplays

Business English Emails- Too formal

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Suitable formality in emails practice

Past or Not?

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Different meanings of past tenses, including unreal past

BULATS Speaking- Vocabulary

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Vocabulary for talking about yourself in the BULATS exam

Business English- Teleconference or Face to Face Game

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Different phrases for distance and face to face meetings review

Requests & Responses- Games

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | How to respond to requests practice activities

Christmas- Future Forms

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Talking about future Xmas and New Year topics

Business English- Video & Teleconference Roleplay Phrases

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Roleplaying teleconferences and video conferences, and brainstorming suitable language

Unreal Past Game

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Guessing the situation from wishes

Business English- Teleconference Politeness Game

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Improving rude teleconferencing and video conferencing phrases

BULATS Writing- Needs Analysis and Getting to Know You

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | First lesson on BULATS Writing

Business English- Teleconference Responses

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | How to respond to typica teleconference and video conference phrases

Stronger Complaints & Regrets

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | Adding adverbs etc to Unreal Past

IELTS Writing Part Two- Tips

Updated: 20th Jan. 2023 | How to write IELTS Writing Task 2 essays and what to put in them