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An idiom is a phrase where the words together have a meaning that is different from the dictionary definitions of the individual words, which can make idioms hard for ESL students and learners to understand. Here, we provide a dictionary of 3,838 English idiomatic expressions with definitions.

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Recently Added

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EntryBust a move
Added on 25-Apr-2016
EntryLike a bump on a log
Added on 25-Apr-2016
EntryA barking dog seldom bites
Added on 9-Apr-2016
EntryHalf a shake
Added on 29-Mar-2016
Added on 14-Mar-2016
EntryGo mental
Added on 7-Mar-2016
EntryWax poetic
Added on 1-Mar-2016
EntrySilly goose
Added on 18-Feb-2016
EntryIn like a dirty shirt
Added on 14-Feb-2016
EntryOff like a dirty shirt
Added on 12-Feb-2016
EntryHave the ear of someone
Added on 28-Jan-2016
EntryOn edge
Added on 28-Jan-2016
Added on 22-Jan-2016
EntryHang fire
Added on 19-Jan-2016
EntryIn the can
Added on 18-Jan-2016
EntryIn the can
Added on 12-Jan-2016
EntryHave the edge
Added on 12-Jan-2016
EntryHold fire
Added on 10-Jan-2016
EntryJump out of one's skin
Added on 29-Dec-2015
EntryLife left in something
Added on 15-Dec-2015
EntryCop a plea
Added on 10-Dec-2015
EntryGive someone the boot
Added on 10-Dec-2015
EntryFirm grasp
Added on 6-Dec-2015
EntryI don't give a pin!
Added on 28-Nov-2015
EntryFrog strangler
Added on 28-Nov-2015
EntryFunny bone
Added on 27-Nov-2015
EntryHave a meltdown
Added on 27-Nov-2015
EntryToo little, too late
Added on 26-Nov-2015
EntryTwist of fate
Added on 26-Nov-2015
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