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A poor man's something
Something or someone that can be compared to something or someone else, but is not as good is a poor man's version; a writer who uses lots of puns but isn't very funny would be a poor man's Oscar Wilde.
All ages and stripes
A shorthand for expressing a diversity of folks in a group
All things to all people
When we try to be all things to all people, we try to satifsy everyone, and often end up satisfying no one.
As one man
If people do something as one man, then they do it at exactly the same time or in complete agreement.
Bob's your uncle
(UK) This idiom means that something will be successful: Just tell him that I gave you his name and Bob's your uncle- he'll help you.
Confirmed bachelor
A confirmed bachelor is a man who shows little or no interest in women.  It can be used to  suggest  that they're gay.
Every man and his dog
A lot of people - as in sending out invitations to a large number of people
Every man for himself
If it's every man for himself, then people are trying to save themselves from a difficult situation without trying to help anyone else.
Every man has his price
Anyone's opinion or support can be bought, everyone's principles have a limit.
Every man jack
If every man jack was involved in something, it is an emphatic way of saying that absolutely everybody was involved.
Everybody and their uncle
This basically means a lot of people or too many people; everybody and their uncle was there.
Failure is the mother of success
Failure is often a stepping stone towards success.
Father figure
A father figure is an older man, often in a position of power or authority, who commands great respect and inspires feelings like those for a father.
Get hitched
If you get hitched, you get married
Grandfather clause
An existing condition, usually in a contract or other agreement, that cannot be changed, even if the conditions are changed for others.
It's not the size of the man in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the man
This idiom means that determination is often more important than size, strength, or ability.  ('It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.' is also used.)
Kissing cousin
A kissing cousin is someone you are related to, but not closely.
Like father, like son
This idiom is used when different generations of a family behave in the same way or have the same talents of defects.
Man Friday
From 'Robinson Crusoe', a 'Man Friday' refers to an assistant or companion, usually a capable one. The common feminine equivalent is 'Girl Friday'. (Also, 'right-hand man'. )
Man in the street
The man in the street is an idiom to describe ordinary people, especially when talking about their opinions and ideas.
Man of his word
A man of his word is a person who does what he says and keeps his promises.
Man of letters
A man of letters is someone who is an expert in the arts and literature, and often a writer too.
Man of means
A man, or woman, of means is wealthy.
Man of parts
A man of parts is a person who is talented in a number of different areas or ways.
Man of straw
A weak person that can easily be beaten of changed is a man of straw.
Man upstairs
When people refer to the man upstairs, they are referring to God.
Man's best friend
This is an idiomatic term for dogs.
Man's man
A man's man is a man who does things enjoyed by men and is respected by other men.
Marked man
A marked man is a person who is being targeted by people who want to do them harm or cause them trouble.
Mom and pop
(USA) A mom and pop business is a small business, especially if it is run by members of a family. It can used in a wider sense to mean that something is small scale.
Mother wit
Native intelligence; common sense
Necessity is the mother of invention
Difficult situations make people inventive.
New man
(UK) A New man is a man who believes in complete equality of the sexes and shares domestic work equally.
No man's land
An area of uncertainty or ambiguity, or an area of land whose ownership is unknown or disputed is no man's land.
No use to man or beast
If something or someone is no use to man or beast, they it or they are utterly useless.
Not my brother's keeper
If you say that you are not your brother's keeper, it means that you are not responsible for someone or what happens to them as a consequence of their actions.
Old friends and old wine are best
This idiom means that the things and people that we know well are better than the unfamiliar.
Old wives' tale
A proverb or piece of advice that is commonly accepted as truth and is handed down the generations, but is sometimes false.
One man's loss is another man's gain
This means thato ne person's setback benefits someone else.
People person
Someone who enjoys interacting with people as part of their job
Prince charming
A prince charming is the perfect man in a woman's life.
Renaissance man
A Renaissance man is a person who is talented in a number of different areas, especially when their talents include both the sciences and the arts.
Runs in the family
If a characteristic runs in the family, it can clearly be seen members of different generations.  A hereditary illness that is passed from one generation to the next also runs in the family.
Say uncle
(USA) If you say uncle, you admit defeat. ('Cry uncle' is an alternative form.)
Straw man
A straw man is a weak argument that is easily defeated. It can also be a person who is used as to give an illegal or inappropriate activity an appearance of respectability.
The world and his wife
If the world and his wife were somewhere, then huge numbers of people were present.
Tied to your mother's apron strings
Describes a child (often a boy) who is so used to his mother's care that he (or she) cannot do anything on his (or her) own.
To a man
If a group of people does, believes, thinks, etc, something to a man, then they all do it.
Yesterday's man or Yesterday's woman
Someone, especially a politician or celebrity, whose career is over or on the decline is yesterday's man or woman.

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