Articles on Teaching English Using Games & Activities

Blocks games for different language points

How to use a simple set of stackable blocks to practise a wide range of different grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc including personal questions, colours, numbers, there is/ there are, countable and uncountable, prepositions of position and phonics.

Superlative Adjectives- Classroom Activities

Intensive classroom practice activities of superlative adjectives and related language

The most effective error correction games

Error correction activities that aren't a waste of class time.

Classroom activities for colour vocabulary

Fun classroom activities teaching students how to understand, read and write colour words from "orange" and "red" through "dark green" to "cream" and "metallic blue".

Classroom activities for teaching opposites

Fun practice activities for adjective opposites, verbs with opposite meanings, etc.

The most useful can/ can't for ability activities

Interactive classroom activities for can and can't for ability, focussing on language that students really need.

36 fun classroom activities for Present Simple and Continuous

Interactive classroom activities for using both present tenses together, comparing and contrasting their uses. Including speaking activities with minimal resources, ideas for worksheets, and possible uses of technology.

56 fun classroom activities for the Present Simple tense

Mainly oral classroom practice activities for routines, habits and other meanings of the Present Simple, including describing processes.

21 negotiating in English games

Games for presentation, intensive practice and freer practice of useful phrases for this most difficult and critical of Business English skills.

19 simple, fun and effective ESL board games

English teaching board games without dice etc that are more fun and better at practising language than those which need such accoutrements, and with many more possible uses.

15 ways to teach English with blocks and stacking games

Stacking blocks and other things like plastic kitchen sets to practise numbers, basic maths, times, days of the week, months, dates, the alphabet, phonics, colours, basic questions and answers, shapes, prepositions of position, requests and offers.

Using ball games to teach English

Almost 100 ways to use a ball in EFL classes, plus 13 other kinds of objects you can use the same way if don't want to use a ball

21 classic ESL card games

Well-known and "new classic" multipurpose card games for teaching English to adults and children.

Stimulating activities to practise the passive voice

Fun classroom speaking activities for be + past participle.

The big list of classroom language for playing games

Useful words and phrases for using games in the ESL classroom

Activities and topics about the Middle Ages for ESL classes

Interesting activities and topics about the Middle Ages for ESL classes

Doing something with Christmas songs

How you can use Christmas songs in the classroom - Putting the seasonal cheer back into grammar (and putting the grammar back into Xmas)