Text Content Analysis & Statistics

Generate text statistics and analyse the content of a text. Use our free text analysis tool to generate a range of statistics about a text and calculate its readability scores.

Text Statistics Analyser

This analyser will accept text up to 10,000 characters (members can analyse longer texts using our advanced text analyser):


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Get Detailed Text Statistics. Research the structure of your text.

Our text analyser will show you statistics about your text to help you understand its complexity and readability. Perfect for use by students, translators, writers and anyone wanting to understand their text statistically:

  • Word Count
  • Unique Words
  • Number of Paragraphs
  • Number of Sentences
  • Words per Sentence
  • Number of Characters
  • Characters per Word
  • Number of Syllables
  • Syllables per Word

Test Your Readability. Discover how understandable your text is.

Use these readability statistics to help you assess the complexity of a text and how hard it is to read and understand. These industry-standard tests are designed to give you a statistical analysis of the difficulty of your text, allowing you to see if it's going to engage with your desired audience. This version of our text analyser comes with the following tests:

  • Complex Words
  • Long Words
  • Lexical Density
  • Gunning Fog Readability Index

Our Advanced Analyser. Get even more statistics about your text.

The advanced version of our text analyser gives a much more detailed analysis of text with many more statistics, analysis by word length, by word frequency and by common phrases.

Advanced Features Include:

  • Save up to 20 texts for future reference and comparison
  • Analyse longer texts of up to 100,000 characters
  • A Graded Text Analysis Tool
  • A fully sortable Word Frequency List
  • A complete breakdown of the text by Word Length

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