Articles on English Grammar

How to teach verbs of senses

How to teach sense verbs/ verbs of sensation/ sensory verbs/ verbs of perception, including look like, smell like, etc and verbs of senses games

How to teach relative pronouns

How to present and practise that, which, who, whose, etc.

How to teach too and enough

Category: English Grammar Topic: Quantifiers
Teaching tips for too, too many, too much, enough and not enough, including too and enough games.

Fun for all the family 3 - Quite a few games for articles and determiners

Category: English Grammar Topic: Determiners
Games for a, an, the, some, etc, for both adults and young learners

Unreal Past games

Fun classroom activities for past tenses for hypothetical situations, including linking to the same structures in conditionals

52 TPR grammar games

Category: English Grammar Topic: General
Using Total Physical Response (TPR) games involving movement to practise grammatical forms such as Present Continuous, prepositions and future tenses.

Teaching Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Category: English Grammar Topic: Nouns
A look at ways to teach countable and uncountable nouns

Ways of Expressing the Future in English

Category: English Grammar Topic: Future Forms
A look at seven ways of expressing the future in English

70 characteristics of a good grammar presentation

An in-depth look at how to present grammar

Putting the Grammar back into Christmas

Category: English Grammar Topic: General
Putting the seasonal cheer back into grammar

Where's the (roach)? It's (preposition) the wall.

Category: English Grammar Topic: Prepositions
A lesson plan to teach young learners how to answer "Where's the (roach)?" with "It's (preposition) the wall."

Changing Wh-questions with the be verb to indirect questions - a handout

Category: English Grammar Topic: Questions
A teacher handout covering changing Wh-questions with the be verb to indirect questions

Teaching the five W's - Who, What, Where, Why, When

Category: English Grammar Topic: Questions
A short lesson plan on teaching students interrogative pronouns

Is collocation all it's cracked up to be?

Category: English Grammar Topic: Vocabulary
Collocation is getting a lot of positive press at the moment.