Teaching Social English: Interactive Classroom Activities (2nd Edition)

For many people the most difficult part of English is not talking about their products in meetings, negotiating, telephoning or even teleconferences, but rather the meeting people, starting conversations, small talk etc at the beginning and end of such interactions. Teaching Social English: Interactive Classroom Activities has over 350 pages of thoroughly classroom tested photocopiable materials to teach and practise those points, with exactly the kind of communicative approach that students will need to get comfortable with introducing themselves, networking, socialising, etc in English.

This book includes:

  • Over 80 pages on meeting people/ starting and ending conversations
  • Over 100 pages on small talk
  • 40 pages on recommendations and invitations
  • Over 50 pages on socialising (eating out together, etc)
  • Social English reviews
  • The big list of social English phrases
  • Full index by language point, activity, etc

Teaching Social English can be used as a whole course, as a supplement to less interactive books, or for single lessons. It is especially useful near the beginning to courses, to make sure that students get to know each other properly and to prepare them to take part in small talk throughout the rest of the course. There are also worksheets that tie in with specific language points such as:

  • Jobs vocabulary
  • Present Continuous
  • Present Simple
  • Past Simple
  • Present Perfect
  • tense reviews
  • prepositions and determiners
  • question formation
  • question tags
  • TOEIC listening

Activities include:

  • board games
  • card games
  • coin games
  • dice games
  • discussion of cultural differences
  • jigsaw activities
  • listening activities
  • lying games
  • memory games
  • mingling
  • roleplays and roleplaying games
  • tips and useful phrases
  • TPR activities
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