Teaching IELTS Speaking: Interactive Classroom Activities

If you think there must be more to teaching IELTS Listening than just doing lots of IELTS Listening, then this is the book for you. It contains over 200 pages of classroom-tested photocopiables that should quickly improve students’ IELTS Listening scores and listening skills more generally, with stimulating materials on the most common language from the Listening paper, vital exam tips, and typical student difficulties. Materials from the book have been successfully used with students at all levels from IELTS 4.0 to IELTS 8.5, including mixed-level classes.

This IELTS Listening e-book includes:

  • icebreakers, warmers and easy introductions to IELTS Listening
  • fun activities to intensively practise common words and phrases from IELTS Listening
  • lots of useful oral practice for IELTS Listening (speaking about exam tactics, IELTS-style Speaking on IELTS Listening topics, roleplays on IELTS Listening-style situations, etc)
  • personalised practice of the language and topics in the exam
  • specific materials for every part of the exam and every question type (multiple choice, gapfill, maps, diagram labelling, and the many different kinds of matching task)
  • work on words that students often have difficulty in catching and/ or writing down (homophones, minimal pairs, words with silent letters, words with double letters, etc)
  • work on typical vocabulary from the exam (compound nouns, British English, synonyms of the words in the questions, etc)
  • work on typical functional language from the exam (checking/ clarifying, opinions, signposting, describing steps in processes, etc)
  • work on grammar that often comes up in the exam (uncountable nouns, plurals, embedded questions, etc)
  • question writing tasks (for students to learn about the exam and its tricks by setting questions for each other)
  • error correction tasks on the most common student mistakes (singular/ plural, misspellings, easily confused words, etc)
  • activities with tons of vital IELTS Listening tips (on reading through the questions, anticipating possible answers, avoiding typical tricks, spotting things that can help, checking answers, time management, self-study, etc)
  • links to IELTS Speaking, IELTS Writing and IELTS Reading
  • indexes by title, activity and language point

As the name of the book suggests, the materials in Teaching IELTS Listening: Interactive Classroom Activities are all designed to stimulate classroom interaction, with no awkward silences, no wasting time on things that are better done at home, and a surprising amount of useful classroom speaking for a book on listening! Stimulating pairwork and groupwork activities also help make the language and tips more memorable, and lead to more intensive practice of the language than more traditional IELTS Listening materials do. Such activities include:

  • tips and useful phrases
  • personal form filling practice
  • dictation, including pairwork dictation
  • pairwork error correction
  • roleplays
  • personalised sentence completion activities
  • using IELTS Listening language challenges
  • IELTS Speaking on listening and IELTS Listening topics
  • discussion questions
  • brainstorming language for IELTS Listening
  • guessing games
  • finding things in common
  • bluffing
  • races
  • simplest responses

Teaching IELTS Listening: Interactive Classroom Activities can be used for everything from a one-off lesson to a whole IELTS Listening course, including as a supplement to less interactive and less intensive IELTS textbooks and listening materials. Its materials are also designed for use before and after official practice tests.

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