Teaching IELTS Speaking: Interactive Classroom Activities

If you have ever thought that there must be more that can be done to improve students’ IELTS Speaking skills and scores than just endless exam practice and work on model answers, then this is the book for you.

Speaking is usually the most difficult and slowest of the four skills in IELTS to improve, but the right kinds of useful phrases, vocabulary, tips and intensive practice can help students jump up by at least a point, as well as boosting their oral communication skills and level more generally. Teaching IELTS Speaking: Interactive Classroom Activities contains over 300 pages of thoroughly classroom-tested photocopiables with exactly the language, advice and activities that students need to successfully prepare for, practise, reflect on and improve on IELTS Speaking Parts 1, 2 and 3. Its materials have been successfully used with students at all levels from IELTS 4.0 to IELTS 8.5, including mixed-level classes.

This IELTS Speaking e-book includes:

  • icebreakers, warmers and easy introductions to IELTS Speaking
  • introductions to, practice of and ways of memorising the most useful language for IELTS Speaking
  • nearly 150 pages on improving students’ answers to every kind of IELTS Speaking Part One question
  • over 60 pages on better answers to all kinds of IELTS Speaking Part Two question
  • over 100 pages on giving the best possible answers to all sorts of IELTS Speaking Part Three question
  • materials combining, comparing and contrasting IELTS Speaking Parts One, Two and Three
  • intensive specific practice of vital tactics, skills and functional language for the exam such as extended answers, using more ambitious/ high-level language, checking/ clarifying, thinking aloud/ filling silence, strong and weak opinions, and rephrasing
  • lots of work on common difficulties such as questions which seem similar but need different answers, yes/ no questions, questions which don’t quite match the candidate, typical student errors, and tricky but crucial grammar points like prepositions and tenses
  • big lists of typical question stems, typical topics, useful phrases and useful vocabulary
  • indexes by title, activity and language point

As the name of the book suggests, the materials in Teaching IELTS Speaking: Interactive Classroom Activities are all designed to stimulate classroom interaction, with no awkward silences and no wasting time on things that would be better done at home. Stimulating pairwork and groupwork activities also help make the language and tips more memorable, and lead to more intensive practice of the language than more traditional IELTS Speaking materials do. Such activities include:

  • tips and useful phrases
  • memory games
  • board games
  • making IELTS questions
  • card games
  • matching activities
  • coin games
  • dice games
  • error correction pairwork
  • sentence completion activities
  • guessing games
  • list dictations
  • discussion of preparation and exam tactics
  • bluffing games
  • key word activities
  • finding things in common
  • line by line brainstorming
  • quick response games
  • meeting criteria activities
  • truth or dare
  • comically bad answers to spot and improve on

Teaching IELTS Speaking: Interactive Classroom Activities can be used for everything from a one-off lesson to a whole course, including as a supplement to less interactive and less intensive IELTS textbooks.

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