Teaching Meetings: Interactive Classroom Activities (2nd Edition) PDF eBook

Taking part in meetings can be challenging even in your own language, and gets much more difficult when the right things to say don’t quickly come to mind and there are cultural differences to deal with too. However, well-chosen advice, phrases and explanations of how meeting can vary will really help students learn to progress smoothly through the beginning, body and ending of meetings, and make sure that they are able to contribute fully all the way through. Teaching Meetings: Interactive Classroom Activities includes over 300 pages of thoroughly classroom-tested photocopiable materials designed to achieve that and with the right kind of intensive practice to ensure that students are totally ready to use that knowledge in their next English meeting.

This book includes:

  • needs analysis and practice of students’ real-life meetings
  • over 100 pages on starting and ending meetings (meeting people, small talk, dealing with practicalities, smoothly getting down to business, checking that there is nothing left to talk about, etc)
  • 100 pages on the body of meetings (checking progress, strong and weak opinions, giving and responding to advice, talking about numbers and trends, checking/ clarifying, turn taking, dealing with disagreement, smoothly changing topic, etc)
  • nearly 50 pages of meetings language reviews
  • over 50 pages on practising meetings (realistic topics to talk about, roleplays, intensive practice through games, etc)
  • materials on both chairing meeting and taking part in meetings
  • links to other language points (communicating before and after meetings, business abbreviations, financial vocabulary, sales and marketing vocabulary, travel vocabulary, time expressions, comparative and superlative, festivals and celebrations, etc)
  • a big list of useful phrases for meetings
  • full indexes by title, activity and language point


As the name of this book suggests, the materials in it are all designed to stimulate classroom interaction, with no awkward silences and no wasting time on things that would be better done as self-study. Stimulating pairwork and groupwork activities also help make the language and tips more memorable, and usually include more intensive practice than traditional materials would. These kinds of activities include:

  • jigsaw tasks (jigsaw texts, matching prompts and responses, etc)
  • memory games (disappearing texts, etc)
  • quick reaction games
  • card games (with key words, names of functions, longer phrases, etc)
  • dice games
  • coin games
  • a board game
  • pairwork guessing games (prepositions and determiners pairwork, etc)
  • TPR
  • roleplays with difficult situations to cope with
  • activities on typical confusions (error correction pairwork, etc)
  • amusing mistakes (in good and bad responses, politeness competitions, etc)

Materials from Teaching Meetings: Interactive Classroom Activities can be and have been used for everything from a one-off lesson to a whole course, including as a supplement to less interactive Business English textbooks, at all levels from Elementary to Advanced.

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