Present Perfect Simple and Progressive Questions


By: Alex Case
Level: Intermediate
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Grammar Topic: Present Perfect
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Good and Taboo- Present Perfect Simple and Progressive Questions
Perhaps after classifying the questions below with a different partner, decide if you want a
question from the list which is:
1. an easy everyday small talk question which you can ask to strangers (1 point)
2. a quite personal question that you would only ask a friend or colleague who you knew

well (2 points)

3. a totally taboo question which you would never ask anyone or would only ask someone

who you were really close to (3 points)

First say if you agree that it is that many points or not. You will then get that many points if
you answer the question, but no points if you refuse to answer with
“I’d rather not say”,
“Never you mind”, tapping your nose, etc.

Ask about any questions which you don’t understand, are not sure are okay or taboo, etc,
answering or refusing to answer each time.

Without looking below, ask each other only normal questions (one-point questions) using
these question stems.
 Have you (ever)…?
 Have you heard…?
 Have you seen…?
 Have you… (today)?
 How has…?
 How have…?
 How long has…?
 How long have…?
 How many times have you…?
 How many… have you…?
 How much… have you… (this…)?
 Where have you…?
 Why have you…?
 Why haven’t you…?
 You’re looking… Have you…?

Write at least one question for each question stem above.

Check if you have used the same tense as the examples below, and if not check that they
are okay.

What are the differences between Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect Progress-

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Written by Alex Case for © 2021

 Have you been busy (lately/ recently/ today/ this week)?
 Have you been drinking a lot recently?
 Have you been overeating recently?
 Have you been smoking?
 Have you been watching Game of Thrones/ the Champions League/…?
 Have you brushed your teeth?
 Have you changed your hair?
 Have you come far (today)?
 Have you ever been to the USA?
 Have you ever smoked cannabis/ marihuana?
 Have you ever smoked?
 Have you ever visited Europe?
 Have you heard from (name of person who you both know)?
 Have you heard the latest news about the pandemic/ the war in…/ the…?
 Have you met (my colleague/ my wife/ my friend/ my classmate) (name)?
 Have you put on weight?
 Have you read any good books lately?
 Have you seen any good movies/ TV/ videos recently?
 Have you seen the newest iPhone/ PlayStation/…?
 Have you shrunk? (I don’t remember you being so short).
 Have you stopped working out?
 Have you tried Indonesian food?
 Haven’t you been sleeping well recently?
 How has your day/ week/ month/ term/ year/… been (so far)?
 (Long time no see). How have you been (since the last time that we met)?
 (It’s been ages, hasn’t it?) How long has it been (since we last met)?
 How long have you been living in your present home?
 How long have you been sitting there doing nothing?
 How long have you been studying English here?
 How long have you had those shoes?
 How many boyfriends/ girlfriends/ lovers have you had?
 How many times have you been married?
 How much alcohol have you had this week?
 Where have you come from today?
 Why have you been scratching so much?
 Why have you been sighing so much?
 Why have you been staring at me?
 Why haven’t you been to the UK?
 Why haven’t you shaved today?
 You’re looking good. Have you lost weight?
 You’re looking healthy. Have you been working out?
 You’re looking sexy. Have you changed your image?
 You’re looking tanned. Have you been on holiday?
 You’ve really aged. What happened to you?

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Written by Alex Case for © 2021

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