Teaching Emailing: Interactive Classroom Activities (2nd Edition)

Even though there are many alternative ways of communicating nowadays, teaching good emailing has become more important as people become less familiar with the conventions of polite and friendly emails and so less able to communicate well and make a good impression. Teaching Emailing: Interactive Classroom Activities 2nd Edition provides over 350 pages on everything students need to know about how to plan, start, write the body of and end all kinds of formal and informal emails, including loads of useful emailing language. This e-book includes:

  • Warmers, needs analysis and easy introductions to emailing
  • Nearly 60 pages on opening and closing emails
  • Over 130 pages on different kinds of emails (making arrangements, requests and enquiries, complaints, job applications, negotiations, academic emails, and group emails)
  • Lots of materials on formality in emailing (starting and ending polite and friendly emails, using abbreviations, polite negative responses, etc)
  • Fun classroom practice of emailing
  • Over 70 pages on typical problems with emailing (bad paragraphing, unsuitable starting and ending, common language errors, etc)
  • The big list of useful emailing phrases
  • Indexes by title, activity and language point

As the name suggests, unlike most books for teaching writing, Teaching Emailing: Interactive Classroom Activities consists almost entirely of stimulating pairwork and groupwork practice activities with lots of classroom communication, such as:

  • Over 200 emailing roleplays
  • Personalised practice
  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Coin and dice games
  • Chain writing/ Consequences
  • Dictation games
  • Error correction competitions
  • Fast reaction games/ Races
  • Jigsaw texts
  • Pairwork matching, guessing and error correction
  • Politeness competitions
  • Discussion of emailing tips and cultural differences
  • Challenging situations to deal with
  • Amusingly rude phrases to correct

Teaching Emailing can be used for everything from a one-off lesson for general English students to a whole course for business and ESP students who write in English every day.

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