English Phrasal Verb Dictionary

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'B'

Showing 76 Verbs, 207 Phrasal Verbs

Back (7)

Back away
Back down
Back into
Back off
Back out
Back out of
Back up

Bag (1)

Bag out

Bail (4)

Bail out
Bail out of
Bail out on
Bail up

Ball (1)

Ball up

Balls (1)

Balls up

Bang (6)

Bang about
Bang around
Bang on
Bang on about
Bang out
Bang up

Bank (1)

Bank on

Bargain (3)

Bargain down
Bargain for
Bargain on

Barge (2)

Barge in
Barge into

Bash (4)

Bash about
Bash in
Bash out
Bash up

Bawl (1)

Bawl out

Be (25)

Be after
Be along
Be away
Be cut out for
Be cut up
Be down
Be down on
Be down with
Be fed up
Be in
Be in on
Be not on
Be off
Be on
Be on about
Be onto
Be out
Be out of
Be out to
Be snowed under
Be taken aback
Be taken with
Be up
Be up for
Be up to

Beam (1)

Beam up

Bear (6)

Bear down on
Bear on
Bear out
Bear up
Bear up under
Bear with

Beat (3)

Beat down
Beat out
Beat up

Beaver (2)

Beaver away
Beaver away at

Bed (2)

Bed down
Bed out

Beef (1)

Beef up

Belong (2)

Belong to
Belong with

Belt (2)

Belt out
Belt up

Bend (3)

Bend down
Bend over
Bend over backwards

Big (1)

Big up

Bitch (1)

Bitch up

Black (1)

Black out

Blank (1)

Blank out

Blare (1)

Blare out

Blast (1)

Blast off

Blaze (1)

Blaze away

Bleed (1)

Bleed out

Bliss (1)

Bliss out

Block (4)

Block in
Block off
Block out
Block up

Blow (7)

Blow away
Blow down
Blow in
Blow off
Blow out
Blow over
Blow up

Blurt (1)

Blurt out

Board (2)

Board out
Board up

Bog (4)

Bog down
Bog in
Bog into
Bog off!

Boil (4)

Boil down
Boil down to
Boil over
Boil up

Bolster (1)

Bolster up

Bone (2)

Bone up
Bone up on

Book (4)

Book in
Book into
Book out
Book up

Boot (1)

Boot up

Border (1)

Border on

Boss (2)

Boss about
Boss around

Botch (1)

Botch up

Bottle (3)

Bottle away
Bottle out
Bottle up

Bottom (1)

Bottom out

Bounce (3)

Bounce into
Bounce back
Bounce off

Bowl (2)

Bowl out
Bowl over

Box (2)

Box in
Box up

Brace (1)

Brace up

Branch (1)

Branch out

Break (11)

Break away
Break down
Break for
Break in
Break into
Break off
Break out
Break out in
Break out of
Break through
Break up

Breeze (4)

Breeze along
Breeze in
Breeze into
Breeze through

Brick (2)

Brick in
Brick up

Brighten (1)

Brighten up

Bring (15)

Bring about
Bring along
Bring around
Bring back
Bring down
Bring forth
Bring forward
Bring in
Bring off
Bring on
Bring out
Bring out in
Bring round
Bring up
Bring Up

Brush (2)

Brush off
Brush up

Bubble (1)

Bubble over

Buck (1)

Buck up

Bucket (1)

Bucket down

Buckle (3)

Buckle down
Buckle under
Buckle up

Budge (1)

Budge up

Buff (2)

Buff up
Buff up on

Bug (2)

Bug off!
Bug out

Build (1)

Build up

Bulk (2)

Bulk out
Bulk up

Bump (3)

Bump into
Bump off
Bump up

Bundle (3)

Bundle off
Bundle out
Bundle up

Bunk (1)

Bunk off

Buoy (1)

Buoy up

Burn (4)

Burn down
Burn off
Burn out
Burn up

Burst (1)

Burst into

Bust (1)

Bust up

Butt (2)

Butt in
Butt out

Butter (1)

Butter up

Buy (5)

Buy in
Buy into
Buy off
Buy out
Buy up

Buzz (3)

Buzz around
Buzz off
Buzz off!