English Phrasal Verb Dictionary

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'G'

Showing 21 Verbs, 188 Phrasal Verbs

Gad (2)

Gad about
Gad around

Gag (1)

Gag for

Gang (3)

Gang up
Gang up against
Gang up on

Gear (3)

Gear to
Gear towards
Gear up

Geek (1)

Geek out

Get (66)

Get about
Get above
Get across
Get across to
Get after
Get ahead
Get ahead of
Get along
Get along in
Get along with
Get around
Get around to
Get at
Get away
Get away from
Get away with
Get away!
Get back
Get back at
Get back into
Get back to
Get back together
Get behind
Get behind with
Get by
Get by on
Get by with
Get down
Get down on
Get down to
Get in
Get in on
Get in with
Get into
Get it
Get it off
Get it off with
Get it on
Get it on with
Get it together
Get it up
Get off
Get off it
Get off on
Get off with
Get off!
Get on
Get on at
Get on for
Get on to
Get on with
Get onto
Get out
Get out of
Get out!
Get over
Get over with
Get round
Get round (around) to
Get round (or around)
Get through
Get through to
Get to
Get together
Get up
Get up to

Ghost (1)

Ghost away

Gin (1)

Gin up

Ginger (1)

Ginger up

Give (22)

Give away
Give back
Give in
Give in to
Give it to
Give it up for
Give it up to
Give of
Give off
Give onto
Give out
Give out to
Give over
Give over to
Give over!
Give up
Give up on
Give up to
Give way
Give way to
Give yourself up
Give yourself up to

Gloss (1)

Gloss over

Gnaw (2)

Gnaw at
Gnaw away at

Go (55)

Go about
Go across
Go after
Go against
Go ahead
Go ahead with
Go along with
Go around
Go at
Go away
Go back
Go back on
Go before
Go below
Go by
Go down
Go down on
Go down to
Go down with
Go for
Go for it
Go forth
Go forward
Go in
Go in for
Go in with
Go into
Go it
Go it alone
Go off
Go off with
Go on
Go on about
Go on at
Go on to
Go on with
Go one
Go out
Go out for
Go out to
Go out with
Go over
Go over to
Go past
Go round
Go through
Go through with
Go to
Go together
Go towards
Go under
Go up
Go up to
Go with
Go without

Goof (4)

Goof around
Goof off
Goof on
Goof up

Grasp (1)

Grasp at

Grass (2)

Grass on
Grass up

Grey (1)

Grey out

Grind (6)

Grind away
Grind down
Grind into
Grind on
Grind out
Grind up

Grow (13)

Grow apart
Grow away from
Grow back
Grow from
Grow into
Grow on
Grow out
Grow out of
Grow to
Grow together
Grow up
Grow up on
Grow upon

Gun (1)

Gun for

Gussy (1)

Gussy up