English Phrasal Verb Dictionary

List of English Phrasal Verbs Beginning With 'K'

Showing 9 Verbs, 48 Phrasal Verbs

Keel (1)

Keel over

Keep (15)

Keep around
Keep at
Keep away
Keep back
Keep down
Keep from
Keep in
Keep in with
Keep off
Keep on
Keep out
Keep to
Keep up
Keep up at
Keep up with

Key (6)

Key down
Key in
Key in on
Key on
Key to
Key up

Kick (9)

Kick about
Kick around
Kick around with
Kick back
Kick down
Kick in
Kick off
Kick out
Kick up

Kill (1)

Kill off

Kip (2)

Kip down
Kip down on

Kiss (2)

Kiss off
Kiss up to

Knock (10)

Knock about
Knock around
Knock back
Knock down
Knock it off!
Knock off
Knock out
Knock over
Knock together
Knock up

Knuckle (2)

Knuckle down
Knuckle under