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  • Length: 4 characters
  • Syllables: 2

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  • Word in the GRE Vocabulary list
  • Vocabulary used in GMAT
  • SAT vocabulary item

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Similar Words (using 'aver' as word stem):

Prefix + 'aver'

beaver, behaver, bereaver, braver, cadaver, caver, claver, cleaver, craver, demisemiquaver, depraver, engraver, enslaver, graver, hairweaver, haver, heaver, interweaver, laver, leaver, lifesaver, misaver, misbehaver, palaver, papaver, paver, photoengraver, preaver, quaver, raver, reaver, saver, semiquaver, shaver, slaver, suaver, timesaver, upheaver, waver, weaver,

'aver' + Suffix

average, averaged, averagely, averages, averaging, averment, averments, averred, averrer, averring, avers, averse, aversely, averseness, aversion, aversionem, aversions, aversive, aversively, avert, avertable, averted, avertible, averting, averts,