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  • Length: 7 characters
  • Syllables: 3

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Similar Words (using 'ital' as word stem):

Prefix + 'ital'

allobarbital, amobarbital, ancipital, antecubital, atlantooccipital, barbital, basioccipital, bicipital, biorbital, capital, chital, circuital, coital, congenital, cubital, decubital, detrital, digital, extragenital, extramarital, genital, hexobarbital, hospital, infraorbital, interdigital, interorbital, intraorbital, intravital, introital, invital, lanital, marital, mephobarbital, minihospital, misrecital, multihospital, occipital, orbital, paroccipital, pentobarbital, periorbital, peritonital, phenobarbital, postcoital, posthospital, postmarital, postorbital, pregenital, premarital, preoccipital, primogenital, pulpital, quadricipital, recital, requital, secobarbital, sexdigital, sincipital, somital, sphenooccipital, spital, stirpital, subgenital, suboccipital, suborbital, summital, supraoccipital, supraorbital, supravital, transorbital, tricipital, urinogenital, urogenital, vital,

'ital' + Suffix

italian, italianate, italianesque, italianises, italianism, italianisms, italianizes, italians, italic, italicization, italicizations, italicize, italicized, italicizes, italicizing, italics, italo, italy,