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  • Length: 5 characters
  • Syllables: 1

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Lexical Information:
  • Common word- this is one of the thousand words most frequently used in English.
  • Name of an American county [from the US Census]

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Lexical Information:
  • Vocabulary found in old history
  • In the top 2,000 words in the Brown Corpus
  • Name of an asteroid
  • Common word- this is one of the thousand words most frequently used in English.
  • This is a common first name
  • Name of an American county [from the US Census]
  • A list of about 3,000 words defined as easy for the Dale-Chall Readability Formula

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Kingpins;  Rankings

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Similar Words (using 'king' as word stem):

Prefix + 'king'

anticking, antiking, antismoking, arcking, asking, asterisking, attacking, awaking, backbreaking, backing, backpacking, backstroking, backtracking, baking, balking, banking, barking, barracking, basking, baulking, bechalking, becking, becloaking, bedecking, beflecking, bemocking, benchmarking, beraking, besmoking, bespeaking, betaking, bethanking, bethinking, biking, bilking, billsticking, bivouacking, blacking, blackjacking, blanking, blinking, blocking, bloodsucking, bluestocking, bodychecking, bollocking, bonking, booking, bookmaking, bootlicking, braking, breaking, breathtaking, bricking, brisking, broking, brooking, bucking, bulking, bulwarking, bunking, burking, bushwhacking, busking, cabinetmaking, cakewalking, caking, calking, caretaking, carking, casking, caulking, chalking, charking, checking, cheeking, chinking, chirking, chocking, choking, chucking, chungking, chunking, clacking, clanking, cleeking, clerking, clicking, clinking, cloaking, clocking, cloking, clonking, clucking, clunking, cocking, coking, comaking, conking, convoking, cooking, corking, counterattacking, counterchecking, countersinking, cracking, cranking, creaking, cricking, croaking, crocking, crooking, crosschecking, cucking, damasking, darking, deadlocking, debarking, debunking, decking, decoking, deerstalking, defrocking, deking, demarking, deticking, dezincking, dicking, diking, dinking, dirking, disembarking, disfrocking, disking, disliking, disyoking, docking, dressmaking, drinking, dropkicking, drouking, ducking, duking, dunking, dusking, dyking, earmarking, earthshaking, eking, embanking, embarking, embosking, eriking, erlking, evoking, faking, finicking, finiking, finking, flacking, flaking, flanking, flecking, flicking, flocking, fluking, flunking, flyspecking, forking, forsaking, fossicking, franking, freaking, freethinking, frisking, frocking, frolicking, fucking, funking, gamecocking, gasking, gawking, gecking, gimmicking, glassmaking, gleeking, gobbledygooking, goldbricking, grubstaking, hacking, hallmarking, handpicking, handshaking, hanking, hardworking, harking, havocking, hawking, haymaking, heartbreaking, henpecking, highjacking, hijacking, hiking, hitchhiking, hocking, hoicking, hoiking, hoking, holking, homemaking, honking, hoodwinking, hooking, hopsacking, housebreaking, howking, hulking, husking, imbarking, imparking, inking, interbanking, interlinking, interlocking, interworking, invoking, irking, jacking, jauking, jawbreaking, jaywalking, jerking, jinking, joking, jouking, juking, junking, kayaking, kecking, keeking, kicking, kinking, knacking, knocking, konking, lacking, laking, larking, lawbreaking, lawmaking, leaking, licking, liking, linking, locking, looking, lovemaking, lucking, lurking, mafficking, magicking, making, mammocking, marking, masking, matchmaking, matchmarking, merrymaking, metalworking, miking, milking, mimicking, miscooking, misliking, mismarking, misspeaking, mistaking, misthinking, misyoking, mocking, moneymaking, mosaicking, mucking, muckraking, multitasking, nanking, narking, necking, networking, nicking, nitpicking, nocking, nonblocking, nonsmoking, nonspeaking, nonstriking, nonthinking, nonworking, nuking, oinking, onlooking, outasking, outbaking, outbarking, outcooking, outdrinking, outflanking, outkicking, outranking, outrocking, outsmoking, outspeaking, outsulking, outtalking, outtasking, outthanking, outthinking, outtricking, outwalking, outworking, overbaking, overbooking, overcooking, overdecking, overdrinking, overlooking, oversoaking, overstocking, overstriking, overtaking, overtasking, overworking, pacemaking, packing, paddocking, padlocking, paiking, painstaking, pancaking, panicking, parking, partaking, pawnbroking, peacemaking, peacocking, peaking, pecking, peeking, peking, perking, physicking, picking, picnicking, piggybacking, pigsticking, piking, pinking, pinpricking, planking, plinking, plonking, plucking, plunking, pocking, pockmarking, poddlefaking, poking, policymaking, politicking, postmarking, pranking, prechecking, precooking, prefranking, prepacking, preshrinking, presoaking, pricking, prinking, provoking, puking, quacking, quaking, quarterbacking, quirking, racking, rainmaking, raking, ranking, ransacking, reattacking, reawaking, rebuking, rechecking, recking, recocking, recooking, redocking, reeking, reembarking, reevoking, reinking, reinvoking, relinking, remaking, remarking, repacking, reperking, reseeking, restacking, restocking, restriking, retaking, rethinking, retracking, revoking, rewaking, reworking, ricking, ringbarking, risking, rocking, rollicking, rooking, rubbernecking, rucking, ryking, sacking, safecracking, screaking, sculking, seeking, shacking, shaking, shanking, sharking, shellacking, shipbreaking, shipwrecking, shirking, shocking, shoemaking, shrieking, shrinking, shucking, shunpiking, shylocking, sicking, sidetracking, silking, sinking, skinking, skulking, skunking, skyjacking, skylarking, slacking, slaking, sleeking, sleepwalking, slicking, slinking, slummocking, smacking, smeeking, smerking, smirking, smocking, smoking, snacking, snaking, sneaking, snicking, snooking, soaking, soapmaking, socking, spacewalking, spanking, sparking, spatchcocking, speaking, specking, spelunking, spiking, spoking, spooking, spunking, squawking, squeaking, stacking, staking, stalking, steeking, sticking, stinking, stockbroking, stocking, stocktaking, stoking, stonking, stooking, storebreaking, streaking, streeking, streetwalking, strikebreaking, striking, stroking, sucking, sulking, swanking, swinking, tacking, taking, talcking, talking, tanking, tarmacking, tasking, thacking, thanking, thinking, thumbtacking, thunking, thwacking, ticking, ticktacking, ticktocking, tictacking, tictocking, toking, tomahawking, toolmaking, topworking, tracking, trademarking, trafficking, traiking, trekking, tricking, troaking, trocking, troking, troublemaking, trucking, trunking, tsking, tsktsking, tucking, tusking, tweaking, unblinking, unblocking, uncaking, unchoking, uncloaking, uncocking, uncorking, undercooking, undertaking, undocking, unfrocking, unhooking, unhusking, unking, unlinking, unlocking, unmaking, unmasking, unpacking, unpicking, unspeaking, unstacking, unsticking, untacking, unthinking, untucking, unwinking, unyoking, upchucking, viking, waking, walking, warking, watchmaking, watermarking, wauking, whacking, whisking, wicking, winking, wisecracking, woodcocking, woodworking, working, wracking, wreaking, wrecking, wricking, yacking, yakking, yanking, yerking, yeuking, yocking, yoking, yorking, yucking, yukking, zincking, zinking, zonking,

'king' + Suffix

kingbird, kingbirds, kingbolt, kingbolts, kingcup, kingcups, kingdom, kingdomless, kingdoms, kinged, kingfish, kingfisher, kingfishers, kingfishes, kinghood, kinghoods, kinging, kingless, kinglet, kinglets, kinglier, kingliest, kinglike, kingliness, kingly, kingmaker, kingmakers, kingpin, kingpins, kingpost, kingposts, kings, kingship, kingships, kingside, kingsides, kingwood, kingwoods,