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Lexical Information:
  • This is a legal term.
  • One of the 100 most often mispronounced words and phrases in English
  • Term used in accountancy
  • Political vocab
  • A word or term used by the transportation industry
  • Term used in investment

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Prefix + 'leas'

azaleas, befleas, bougainvilleas, cochleas, counterpleas, defleas, fleas, galeas, grevilleas, interpleas, mesogleas, pleas, psoraleas, trochleas, zoogleas,

'leas' + Suffix

leasable, lease, leaseback, leased, leasehold, leaseholder, leaseholders, leaseholds, leaseless, leaseman, leasemen, leaser, leasers, leases, leash, leashed, leashes, leashing, leasing, leasings, least, leasts, leastways, leastwise,