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  • Term used in psychology and psychiatry
  • Vocabulary used in GMAT

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Similar Words (using 'phobia' as word stem):

Prefix + 'phobia'

acarophobia, acrophobia, aelurophobia, aerophobia, agoraphobia, ailurophobia, algophobia, amathophobia, amaxophobia, androphobia, anglophobia, aquaphobia, astraphobia, automysophobia, autophobia, brontophobia, cancerophobia, cancerphobia, cardiophobia, claustrophobia, coitophobia, coprophobia, doraphobia, dysmorphophobia, francophobia, hemophobia, homophobia, hydrophobia, hypnophobia, ideophobia, kathisophobia, kenophobia, keraunophobia, kinesophobia, kleptophobia, maieusiophobia, metallophobia, microphobia, molysmophobia, monophobia, mysophobia, necrophobia, negrophobia, neophobia, nyctophobia, ochlophobia, phonophobia, photophobia, polyphobia, pyrophobia, satanophobia, symbolophobia, syphilophobia, taphephobia, technophobia, teratophobia, thalassophobia, thanatophobia, theophobia, thermophobia, toxicophobia, tremophobia, trichophobia, triskaidekaphobia, tuberculophobia, xenophobia, zoophobia,

'phobia' + Suffix

phobiac, phobias,