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  • Length: 5 characters
  • Syllables: 1

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Grammatical Information:
  • Term included in the Glossary of English Terms
  • Adjectives modify Nouns
Lexical Information:
  • SAT vocabulary item
  • Term used in linguistics

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Lexical Information:
  • Term used in rugby
Grammatical Information:
  • Nouns are words giving names to objects and things, which can be physical or concepts, etc

Related Glossary Definitions:

Past Simple Tense;  Present Simple Tense;  Tense

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Prefix + 'tens'

battens, brightens, chastens, christens, disheartens, enlightens, fastens, fattens, flattens, foreshortens, frightens, glistens, glutens, greatens, haptens, hastens, heartens, heightens, intens, kindergartens, kittens, latens, lattens, lightens, listens, martens, mittens, moistens, neatens, oversweetens, overtightens, patens, pattens, pectens, platens, prekindergartens, premoistens, presweetens, quietens, rattens, rechristens, reenlightens, refastens, remoistens, restraightens, retightens, shortens, smartens, softens, stens, stoutens, straightens, straitens, sweetens, tautens, threatens, tightens, tungstens, unfastens, wheatens, whitens,

'tens' + Suffix

tense, tensed, tenseless, tensely, tenseness, tenser, tensers, tenses, tensest, tensible, tensibly, tensile, tensileness, tensiley, tensility, tensing, tension, tensional, tensioned, tensioning, tensionless, tensions, tensities, tensity, tensive, tensor, tensorial, tensors,