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  • Length: 5 characters
  • Syllables: 1

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  • Word in the GRE Vocabulary list
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  • SAT vocabulary item

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Prefix + 'ters'

abaters, abetters, aborters, absenters, abstracters, abutters, accelerometers, accepters, accounters, accouters, actinometers, adapters, adjusters, administers, admitters, adopters, affecters, afters, alabasters, alerters, alleviaters, allotters, alters, altimeters, ammeters, amounters, amphiasters, amphitheaters, anemometers, animaters, anointers, anteaters, appointers, arbiters, arresters, assaulters, assenters, asserters, assisters, assorters, asters, attempters, attesters, attributers, audiometers, augmenters, awaiters, babysitters, backbiters, backpointers, backscatters, backwaters, baiters, balloters, balusters, bandmasters, banisters, bannisters, banqueters, banters, barometers, barraters, barristers, barters, basters, batters, beaters, beefeaters, begetters, belters, besetters, bespatters, betatters, betters, billeters, billposters, bimesters, bisters, biters, bitters, blanketers, blasters, blatters, bleaters, blighters, blisters, bloaters, blockbusters, blotters, blurters, blusters, boasters, boaters, bolsters, bolters, bonesetters, boosters, braillewriters, breakfasters, breakwaters, broadcasters, broncobusters, browbeaters, bruiters, budgeters, buffeters, bullfighters, bunters, burgomasters, bursters, bushmasters, busters, butters, cadasters, calibraters, calypters, canisters, cannisters, canters, carburetters, carpenters, carters, casters, caters, catheters, cavorters, cementers, centers, centimeters, chanters, chapiters, chapters, characters, charters, chatters, chaunters, cheaters, chitters, choirmasters, choristers, chorusmasters, chronometers, chunters, circuiters, circumventers, citers, clatters, cloisters, clouters, clusters, clutters, clysters, coasters, coaters, cohabiters, cointers, colters, combaters, comforters, commenters, committers, commuters, compacters, complementers, completers, complimenters, computers, concertmasters, concocters, confronters, confuters, connecters, consenters, consorters, constituters, constructers, consulters, contesters, contradicters, contrasters, controverters, converters, cooters, copromoters, copters, copyrighters, copywriters, corrupters, costers, cotoneasters, cotters, coulters, counterfeiters, counters, courters, couters, covenanters, coveters, crapshooters, craters, cricketers, critters, crocheters, crofters, cutters, cutwaters, cyasters, cytasters, dabsters, daisycutters, darters, daters, daughters, daunters, debaters, decanters, decenters, deemsters, defaulters, defeaters, defecters, deforesters, defrosters, deiters, delighters, delimiters, delusters, demisters, demonolaters, dempsters, depicters, deregisters, desalters, descanters, desecraters, deserters, desolaters, detecters, deters, detesters, dewaters, diameters, diasters, diesters, dieters, digesters, dilaters, diluters, dimeters, diopters, disasters, disconnecters, discounters, disenchanters, dishwaters, disinters, disputers, disrupters, dissenters, dissipaters, distorters, distracters, distributers, distrusters, disuniters, diverters, documenters, doomsters, dopesters, doters, dotters, doubters, drafters, dragsters, draughters, drifters, drillmasters, dumbwaiters, dusters, dynamiters, easters, eaters, effecters, eggbeaters, elaters, electroplaters, embitters, emitters, emoters, enchanters, encounters, enfetters, enlisters, enters, erecters, esters, eventers, exacters, exalters, exasperaters, exciters, excreters, executers, exhausters, exhibiters, exhorters, expecters, expediters, experimenters, exploiters, exporters, extorters, eyewaters, fagoters, fainters, falters, fasters, fatters, feasters, fermenters, ferreters, festers, fetters, fidgeters, figeaters, fighters, filibusters, filisters, fillesters, fillisters, filmsetters, filters, fitters, flatters, flaunters, flichters, flirters, flitters, floaters, floodwaters, flouters, flusters, fluters, flutters, fomenters, footers, forecasters, forequarters, foresters, forewaters, forfeiters, forgetters, formatters, formletters, fosters, fourposters, frankforters, frankfurters, fraters, freebooters, freighters, frequenters, fretters, fritters, fruiters, gadgeters, gagsters, gaiters, galavanters, galivanters, gallivanters, gamesters, gangsters, ganisters, garotters, garroters, garrotters, garters, gasters, geometers, getters, ghostwriters, glisters, glitters, gloaters, globetrotters, goddaughters, gogetters, goiters, grafters, granddaughters, grandmasters, granters, granulaters, graters, gravitaters, greeters, grifters, gritters, groundwaters, grouters, grunters, gunfighters, gutters, gypsters, hackbutters, hafters, hagbutters, hagiolaters, hairsplitters, halters, hamsters, handicrafters, handwriters, harvesters, haters, hatters, haunters, headhunters, headmasters, headquarters, headwaiters, headwaters, heaters, hefters, heisters, helicopters, heliolaters, hemipters, hereafters, hesitaters, hindquarters, hinters, hipsters, hitters, hoisters, holsters, hoopsters, hooters, housemasters, hucksters, hunters, hurters, hygrometers, iconolaters, idolaters, igniters, imbitters, impacters, imparters, implanters, implementers, importers, imposters, imprinters, imputers, inciters, indenters, indicters, inditers, infecters, infesters, infighters, inflaters, inflicters, inhibiters, inserters, insetters, insisters, inspiriters, instituters, insulters, intercepters, interpolaters, interpreters, interrupters, inters, intimaters, intromitters, inventers, inverters, inviters, ironmasters, isosters, jesters, jilters, jitters, jointers, jokesters, jolters, jotters, joursters, jousters, junketers, justers, keesters, keisters, kelters, keynoters, keysters, kicksorters, kiesters, kilometers, kilters, kiters, klisters, knitters, knotters, kraters, lamenters, lamisters, lamplighters, lamsters, landwaiters, lasters, laughters, leafcutters, leafleters, leisters, letters, levanters, liferenters, lifters, lighters, limiters, linecasters, linters, listers, liters, lithotripters, litters, lobsters, locaters, lofters, loiters, looters, lusters, maceraters, magisters, maladministers, maltreaters, maltsters, manhunters, manometers, manslaughters, marketers, masseters, masters, maters, matters, meeters, melters, meters, microcomputers, micrometers, midwinters, milliliters, millimeters, milters, minicomputers, ministers, minitheaters, minsters, minters, misalters, misenters, misinters, misters, miters, mobsters, molesters, molters, monsters, moonlighters, mooters, motorscooters, moulters, mounters, muensters, munsters, musters, mutters, narraters, natters, negaters, neglecters, nesters, netters, neurotransmitters, neuters, newscasters, newsletters, nighters, niters, nonstarters, nonvoters, nor'westers, northeasters, northwesters, nosters, noters, nutters, oaters, obstructers, occulters, odometers, ohmmeters, oldsters, oleasters, omitters, orbiters, orometers, otters, ousters, outers, outfitters, overeaters, overmasters, overnighters, overprinters, overwaters, overwinters, oxters, oysters, pacesetters, painters, palters, parameters, parroters, parters, pasters, patenters, paternosters, paters, patters, paymasters, pelters, pensters, pentameters, perfecters, perimeters, peripters, permitters, persisters, pesters, peters, petters, pewters, philters, phototypesetters, piasters, picketers, pilasters, pinasters, pinchhitters, pinsetters, pinspotters, pipefitters, pitters, placaters, plaisters, plaiters, plankters, planters, plasters, platers, platters, pleaters, plighters, plotters, pocketers, poetasters, pointers, pollsters, polluters, polyesters, poofters, porters, posters, postmasters, potentiometers, pothunters, potters, poulters, pouters, powters, pranksters, praters, prefilters, preregisters, presbyters, presenters, presters, preventers, printers, prizefighters, profiters, profitters, promoters, prompters, protesters, psalters, punsters, punters, purporters, putters, quartermasters, quarters, questers, quieters, quilters, quipsters, quitters, quizmasters, quoters, rabbiters, rafters, rainwaters, ranters, rasters, raters, ratters, readjusters, realters, rebaters, rebutters, recanters, recharters, reciters, reconnoiters, recruiters, reencounters, reenters, refilters, refuters, registers, regretters, reheaters, reinters, rejecters, relaters, reletters, remitters, rencounters, renters, repeaters, repenters, reporters, requesters, requiters, reregisters, resetters, resisters, resorters, respecters, resters, retorters, retters, reuniters, reupholsters, reuters, reutters, reverters, revolters, rewriters, rhymesters, righters, rimesters, ringmasters, ringsters, rioters, ritters, riveters, roadsters, roasters, rocketers, roisters, roosters, rooters, rosters, rotters, rousters, routers, roysters, salters, saltwaters, saluters, sandblasters, sandlotters, saunters, scatters, scepters, schoolmasters, scimiters, scooters, scoters, scouters, scoutmasters, scriptwriters, scutters, seamsters, seaters, seawaters, semesters, sequesters, setters, sharpshooters, shatters, shearwaters, sheeters, shelters, shifters, shipmasters, shitters, shooters, shoplifters, shouters, shunters, shutters, shysters, sifters, sighters, sinters, sisters, sitters, skaters, skeeters, skelters, skirters, skitters, skywriters, slaters, slaughters, slitters, smatters, smelters, smiters, snifters, snorters, softers, songsters, songwriters, sorters, souters, southeasters, southwesters, spatters, specters, speedometers, speedsters, spelters, sphincters, spinsters, spitters, splatters, splinters, splitters, splutters, sporters, sportscasters, sportswriters, spotters, spouters, spratters, sprinters, sputters, squatters, squinters, squirters, starters, staters, stationmasters, stepdaughters, stepsisters, stimulaters, stinters, stockaters, stonecutters, stouters, straighters, streeters, stricters, strutters, stutters, subchapters, submitters, substituters, subverters, suiters, summersaulters, sumpters, supercomputers, supplanters, supplementers, supporters, svelters, swatters, sweaters, sweeters, swelters, swifters, swotters, syncopaters, tachometers, tapsters, tarters, taskmasters, tasters, taters, tatters, taunters, teamsters, teeters, telecasters, teleprinters, teletypewriters, tempters, tenters, testers, tetters, theaters, thermometers, thirsters, throwsters, thrusters, thwarters, tidewaters, tilters, tinters, tipsters, titers, titters, toasters, toastmasters, tooters, tormenters, toters, totters, touters, transmitters, transplanters, transporters, transputers, treaters, trendsetters, tricksters, trimesters, trimeters, triters, trotters, troubleshooters, trumpeters, trusters, trysters, tufters, tweeters, twinighters, twisters, twitters, typesetters, typewriters, udometers, ulsters, underwriters, unfetters, uniters, unmiters, updaters, upholsters, uplifters, uprooters, upsetters, upstaters, ureters, utters, vasters, vaters, vaulters, vaunters, venters, verditers, vermonters, vignetters, violaters, visiters, vomiters, voters, wafters, waisters, waiters, wallposters, walters, wanters, wasters, waters, websters, weighters, weightlifters, welters, westers, wetters, whetters, whitters, windcheaters, winters, witters, woodcutters, worldbeaters, wresters, writers, xysters, yachters, yardmasters, yatters, yawmeters, youngsters, zesters, zoolaters, zosters,

'ters' + Suffix

terse, tersely, terseness, tersenesses, terser, tersest,