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  • Length: 5 characters
  • Syllables: 1

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Grammatical Information:
  • Countable Noun
  • Names of people, places, organisations, etc begin with a Capital Letter and are called Proper Nouns
  • Nouns are words giving names to objects and things, which can be physical or concepts, etc
Lexical Information:
  • Nouns can be replaced by Pronouns
  • One of the 850 words in Basic English
  • In the top 2,000 words in the Brown Corpus
  • Common word- this is one of the thousand words most frequently used in English.
  • A list of about 3,000 words defined as easy for the Dale-Chall Readability Formula

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Similar Words (using 'thing' as word stem):

Prefix + 'thing'

airthing, anything, badmouthing, bathing, beclothing, bequeathing, berthing, besmoothing, besoothing, betrothing, birthing, breathing, butterworthing, clothing, earthing, ensheathing, enswathing, enwreathing, everything, faithing, farthing, frothing, girthing, gunsmithing, hexacanthing, inbreathing, inearthing, insheathing, inswathing, interwreathing, kithing, kything, lathing, loathing, locksmithing, mouthing, naething, northing, nothing, pithing, plaything, reclothing, resmoothing, scathing, scything, seething, sheathing, silversmithing, sleuthing, smoothing, something, soothing, southing, sunbathing, swathing, teething, tithing, toothing, trithing, trothing, tything, unclothing, underclothing, unearthing, unsheathing, unswathing, withing, worthing, wraithing, wrathing, wreathing, writhing,

'thing' + Suffix

thingamabob, thingamaji, thingamajig, things,