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    Arrow Memorizing foreign words

    What are the methods of memorizing foreign words, is there their classification? Very necessary. Thank you)

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    Re: Memorizing foreign words

    Hmm: 39 views and no responses - I think there's a message there! Either it's a very good question and hard to answer, or it's badly phrased.

    You question seems to be based on the assumption that 'memorizing vocabulary' is a separate task; you commit ten words a day to memory, and after a year you have a vocabulary of nearly four thousand words! But that's not how it works.

    Learning lists of words is quite a useful trick if your need is a short-term one - like a weekly test. But it only helps you jump through academic hoops. What the most successful students here do is make a note of words they come across in their studies. Keep a notebook. Use a dictionary. Use the new words in new contexts, and ask if they work. If you have a very pictorial memory, you may find it useful to draw mind-maps of related words - colour may help.

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