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    dangling elliptical clauses

    According to my grammar books, if an elliptical clause does not refer clearly and logically to the subject of the sentence, it is called a dangling elliptical clause. For example, in the following sentences, A is dangling and incorrect, B is improved and correct:

    A. While driving a car, traffic regulations must be observed.
    B. While driving a car, you/we must observe traffic regulations.

    My question is, are the following sentences dangling and incorrect? If correct, why? I need your help. Thank you very much.

    1. While driving or crossing the street, texting/text messaging is dangerous.
    2. Texting/Text messagingwhile driving or crossing the street is dangerous.

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    Re: dangling elliptical clauses

    (Not a Teacher)

    Both sentences sound fine to me. "While driving or crossing the street" is a non-essential clause, so you can throw it just about anywhere in the sentence and it will still make sense. Of course, whether it sounds natural is another matter entirely.

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