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Normal operation in gynecology - it's a pain, scarring, and possible restoration of long sterility. To avoid all this helps laparoscopy.

Laparoscopic surgery is very different from the traditional, although it is performed under general anesthesia. In the anterior abdominal wall do 3.4 deep puncture width not more than 10-12 mm. This is sufficient because the diameter of the instrument - only 7-10 mm. Then, through a puncture in the abdominal cavity blown gas, usually carbon. Gas "lifts" the abdominal wall, the surgeon was more convenient to work with. Through a puncture the other injected optical instrument with a light bulb connected to a monitor. The picture appears on the screen, and you can see all the details. Once the diagnosis is finally confirmed, the instruments are introduced through the puncture-manipulators. The surgeon watches the progress of the operation, looking at the monitor. Everything that happens is recorded on tape, which then give the patient. This is the "home video" may be needed in the future - if you need other operations and consulting.

Sometimes, instead of laparoscopy, hysteroscopy is carried out. In this case, and the puncture did not have to - all the tools are introduced into the uterus through her cervix. The patient was discharged home after a few hours after surgery.