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    meaning of "listen to being scared"

    Dear teachers,

    I'm reading Motherless Daughters by Hope Edelman. The author interviewed a motherless woman named Sheila. Sheila talked about how she had self-destructive behaviors after her mother died and how she started to take care of herself and learn to be safe:

    "I donít take excessive precautions anymore, or take the same kind of chances I used to. Iíve kind of pulled it in at both ends...Iím learning to trust my feelings about whatís safe for me, emotionally and physically. I just moved into a new building where I donít have to kick crack vials away from my door anymore. I can listen to being scared but also live in a city and not be afraid that everything bad I see on the news is going to happen to me."

    I'm confused about Sheila's last sentence. There seems to be something missing. I mean, "being scared" doesn't seem to be something you can "listen to". What can she listen to and what's she being scared by in this sentence? The city? The news?

    Can anybody explain this sentence for me?

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    Re: meaning of "listen to being scared"

    I don't think you can take it literally. I think she's saying she knows there are things to be scared of, but she doesn't have to be worried all the time.
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