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    Some reason or some reasons?

    Dear teachers,

    When I first saw the phrase "some reason" I thought "reason" here is as a uncountable noun but when I look at it into the dictionary there is a phrase under countable noun as "for some reason" which the "reason" without "s".

    When I goggled these two phrases. Both have been used widely.

    My question is are they any different between these two?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Some reason or some reasons?

    Hi ongshang

    As a Brit, but not a teacher, my response would be:

    Yes, there is a difference:

    "Some reason", means that the person concerned must have had at least (but possibly only) one reason for doing something.
    "Some reasons", means that they would have more likely had more than one reason.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: Some reason or some reasons?

    Thanks a lot, Neillythere. It did help.


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