English Comes Alive! Dynamic, Brain-Building Ways to Teach ESL and EFL

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By: Jim Witherspoon

Product Description

Do you like vigorous, quick-moving lessons with lots of classroom interaction? If so, you'll like ENGLISH COMES ALIVE! Dr. Witherspoon opens with 60 favorite, wake-them-up activities. Then he writes about singing, role playing, creative speaking, correcting bloopers, acting out words and sentences, and much more, and gives eye-witness stories for students to read as homework. There are 27 clearly written, thoroughly tested chapters.

Two chapters describe love and enthusiasm--attributes that spur students to learn, that direct their nerve cells to branch and connect. The teacher's love and contagious enthusiasm ignite a mental fire, a strong desire to learn English. Then the teacher fans the flames with engaging, interactive activities.

Witherspoon has extensively tested these lessons during 20 summers of teaching overseas. His students have varied from children to middle-aged professors, from clerks to physicians to non-native teachers of English. Whatever the age or profession of his students, he stresses conversation. "The act of talking," he says, "removes the fear of talking." And by removing that fear, the students become fluent.

Users say ENGLISH COMES ALIVE is a "must read" for ESL teachers, a book that is packed with ideas, a book that is creative, spontaneous, challenging, and fun. Yes, and it costs little more than a cup of coffee. Coffee gives a one-time boost--but this book will stimulate you and your happy students for years to come.

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Date: 2011-09-13

Media: Kindle Edition (136 Pages)

Label: Synapse Books

Manufacturer: Synapse Books

Language: English