ESL Games: 176 English Language Games for Children: Make your teaching easy and fun

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By: Shelley Ann Vernon

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ESL Games: English Language Games for Children is a collection of 176 fun, effective and motivating games for busy teachers who want to inspire their pupils and give them the best chance to become confident with English. The ESL game descriptions are written up with variants for all types of classes from small to large. The English language games cover listening and speaking skills, the goal being that your pupils will actually be able to use the English you cover in your curriculum through repetition that is inherent in the language games, which are really disguised vocabulary and grammar drills, dressed up in fun packaging. In addition spelling and writing games are included, with some reading games. There is no need to consume half a rain forest printing out dozens of worksheets that are mostly white space and take a few minutes to fill in. With these games you need either no resources or vocabulary flashcards, which if laminated may be used for life. "ESL Games: 176 English Language Games for Children" by Shelley Vernon has already helped thousands of teachers around the world via the digital format. It can be a challenge learning to teach, or changing your teaching style but even if you do it one new game a day you'll soon be well on the way to being the inspirational teacher you really want to be.

What other teachers are saying about this book:

He saves time and feels less stressed.

Thanks Shelley. Your resources are already saving me heaps of time and lessening the anxiety from having such a hectic and mixed teaching schedule. Anthony Bennett, S. Korea

This teacher says "English Language Games for Children" is the best.

I have looked at many, many books regarding activities and games. I have only found one that is any good. I love your book. It is excellent! Thomas StPeter, Chicago

She saw a change in her pupils behaviour, even the problematic ones.

After purchasing and using this book, I saw a big difference in my group of 6 year olds. We played our new games I truly saw a a change in their behaviour. They participated and were very excited, even the boys that I had problems with. Now at every lesson they ask: What new game are we going to play today? Sylvia Karagiannis, Athens, Greece

She earned the respect of her pupils.

Last time when I was playing one of your games I heard one my pupils say to another: This is the best teacher in our school. Before I used your games, my pupils didn't like my courses, but now, when I get into the classroom they greet me with a nice smile, and when we have break , they come to see me and talk to me with what I taught them. Naima Chraa, Morocco

This teacher is now excited about teaching English.

Brilliant!!! It is amazing how many games you can use in just one lesson. I can't believe I am actually excited about starting with the new unit. To be honest I am extremely happy with these ideas. I haven't stopped recieving compliments on my teaching in the last week.... Fº Javier Marín Millán, Spain

This teacher created a closer bond with her students!

In my country, cause of the culture, teachers and learners often have a very long distance with each other. I realised that English games using in my lecture make our relationship become closer and better, and I am very pleased for that. Phuong Thuy, Hanoi, Vietnam

She feels more confident and enjoys the planning now.

I really am so glad I found your has completely changed the way I feel about teaching now. Before it was something I had always stressed over, the planning, that is, although I am both Celta and PGCE qualified I still found myself very stressed until every lesson was planned, which could take for ever. Since discovering your materials I sit down to enjoy the planning & love the teaching. Joanna Simm, France

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Paperback: 280 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2012-05-18)

Dimensions (H L W): 52 x 900 x 600

ISBN: 1475255586

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