ESL Teacher's Activities Kit Part One (ESL Teacher's Activitities Kit Book 1)

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By: Elizabeth Claire

Product Description

ESL Teacher's Activities Kit Part One will help new and seasoned teachers organize and supply their classrooms, create a curriculum from language needs checklists, and learn the natural way to teach a language through using the stuff of life. In addition to 23 Total Physical Response Activities and 21 Shoebox English Activities, there are strategies for communicating across the language gap, motivation and discipline in the ESL classroom. The original 280 page book that has long been the "ESL Teacher's Bible" and used in many teacher training programs across the United States is presented in Kindle versions in three parts.

Product Details

Date: 2012-06-22

Media: Kindle Edition (81 Pages)

Label: Eardley Publications

Manufacturer: Eardley Publications

Language: English