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hi...i am an english Teacher in Denmark and i Undecided what to write Questions for a reading test
i Chose this article Because i whan the Students to like Academy articles not just Entertaining article
i Decided to put True & F.... Questions is that Enough for a test of 15

this is the article.............................................................................

Why is Reading Important?
Why is reading important? The short answer to this question is that it enriches oneself in all aspects. To know all about the benefits of reading, read on …
Prof. A.C. Grayling, in a review of ‘A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel’ that was published in Financial Times had said, "To read is to fly: it is to soar to a point of vantage which gives a view over wide terrains of history, human variety, ideas, shared experience and the fruits of many inquiries." So true! Reading is really like taking a flight to high altitudes in pursuit of information and knowledge. It is a journey in search of enlightenment.
Have you asked yourself the question, "Why is reading important?" What was the answer that you got? I am sure your heart must have answered in favor of reading. Reading is like providing the mind with nourishment. Knowledge is the food for the mind and soul. Apart from giving us the basic information about the world around us, it also provides us with the food for thought. It encourages us to think. It increases our hunger for knowledge and our thirst to learn more.

During the ancient times, reading was limited to books. But today, it encompasses reading on the web. We have some very good sites providing their readers with authentic information. Reading from the Internet is an easy option for one and all. Reading from the web does not undermine the pleasure one can get from reading books.

We are introduced to the concept of reading at a very early age. It remains with us in different forms throughout our life. School-life begins with books. Books are our close companions in the youth. Reading continues to remain the favorite pastime of a large number of people even during their old age. For voracious readers, books are their lifelong companions.

It is very important to inculcate the habit of reading right from childhood. You can put in children the habit of reading bedtime stories. Reading during the early years helps the child in improving his/her language skills. The child learns to recognize written words. Reading when young helps you in your later life. Studies say that reading before going to bed helps the child feel secure and comfortable while sleeping. Emotions can be best understood through the characters in stories.
A child who grows up reading is definitely enriched as a young person. He/she automatically takes to reading. If the habit of reading is formed during an early age, reading soon becomes the person’s hobby. Teenage years are the growing and developing years of one’s life. This is the period of one’s mental growth as well. So it is nice to read good books during these years. Youngsters often relate to the story of heroes and try to emulate their behaviors. They idealize their favorite authors. They dream about their future and plan for it. Feeding the brain with loads of information from all around the world during this phase of life helps a person base his ideals on positivities. Reading helps the person shape his/her life.

Reading is an activity that keeps us occupied. Reading results in the fruitful usage of time. It helps us get rid of our anxieties. It diverts our mind from monotony and boredom. It is one of the best ways of relaxation. Reading novels or stories takes us to a new world where we forget our sorrows and fears. Books make very good friends.

Books and the web are the richest sources of information. They cover a wide range of topics and store an enormous amount of information. Numerous websites covering different areas of information or innumerable books that flood the libraries tell us of the vastness of knowledge. Reading leads us only to read more in the never-ending pursuit of knowledge.

Research has shown that avid readers stand out from the rest because of improved cognitive abilities. They can think creatively. It improves their grasping power. It makes them better analyzers and problem solvers. Reading helps a person be successful in life.

I hope you have read all about ‘reading’ and are convinced about why reading is so important. Keep reading…


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Hi. I am an English teacher in Denmark and I [STRIKE]Undecided[/STRIKE] cannot decide what [STRIKE]to write[/STRIKE] questions to write for a reading test.

I chose this article because I [STRIKE]whan[/STRIKE] want the students to like academic articles, not just entertaining articles.

I decided to [STRIKE]put[/STRIKE] use True & False[STRIKE]....[/STRIKE] questions. Is that enough for a test of 15?

This is the article.............................................................................

I don't actually understand your question. Is what enough for a test of 15? Just doing True and False? 15 questions? 15 students?

Also, I am a little concerned about your use of capitalisation (amongst other things) given that you are an English teacher. Please see my markings in red above.
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