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    "Girlfriends gonna get paid"


    I just happend upon this episode of Scrubs where at the end of this scene Ted, the lawyer, says "Girlfriends gonna get paid". I've wondering ever since I saw this the first time what the meaning of this is.
    In the series Ted is a lousy lawyer.

    Here'S the link to the scene:


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    Re: "Girlfriends gonna get paid"

    The woman who is suing the hospital is going to win the lawsuit.

    Here's the script:

    Dr. Kelso: Take Dorian's intern Brendan, for example. He told his patient that it was the first time he was performing a spinal tap. And what did the patient do, doctor?

    J.D.: Well, uh, she started to hyperventilate, and then she reached for a hit of what she thought was an oxygen tank. It turned out to be a helium container from pediatrics. Then she screamed [in a high falsetto] "I'll kill you bitches!", which, frankly, we all thought was hilarious.

    Dr. Kelso: Oh, indeed it was. But you know what wasn't? When she ran for the door, tripped and fell, and broke her femur. Now she's suing the hospital. And since Ted is our lawyer, what's going to happen?

    Ted: Girlfriend's gonna get paid.

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