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Thread: the grey skies

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    the grey skies

    The rain stopped and the grey skies began to clear.

    I read this sentence and wonder the 'skies' was in the plural form. If 'the grey sky' had been used, would there be any difference in meaning?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: the grey skies

    [not a teacher]

    "grey skies" is an idiom, though I can't find a proper reference for it. It's used in poems and songs, meaning "life's troubles". So yes, if sky was in the singular, it would mean the literal sky; the weather began to clear. skies in this context is not totally clear. (HA! clear!)

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    Re: the grey skies

    Quote Originally Posted by Gillnetter View Post
    To me, "grey skies" only means that the sky is grey. What songs did you hear these words in?
    Sonny Boy.

    Put on a Happy Face.

    Grey Skies.

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