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    Post Need help plzzzzzz with verbs !!!

    In each case,match the description of the original statement being reported with the applicable rule of thumb:
    1) Change to a past form if possible

    2) Change to past

    3) Change to past perfect (changing the auxiliary)

    4) Change to past perfect (including adding the auxiliary)

    5) No change

    6) Usually no change, but a change to past is possible.

    1-When the verb used in the original statement is a modal verb.
    2-When the truth of the original statement still applies e.g. is very recent.
    3-When the original statement is untrue or doubtful, or when the original statement no longer applies.
    4-When the original statement is in past perfect.
    5-When the original statement uses a present perfect form.
    6-When the original statement uses a past form.

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    Re: Need help plzzzzzz with verbs !!!

    This looks like homework or similar. Please try yourself first and then we'll comment.

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