Many students chose 1 as the answer, and "tastes" also seems to work here. But why not "tastes"?

Q. Which are proper words for the blanks? 2
ex)Whatever the professional musician may hold, most musical beginners still search for specific words with which to pin down their musical (a) That is why they always find Tchaikovsky easier to "understand" than "Beethoven". In the first place, it is easier to pin a meaning-word on a Tchaikovsky piece than on a Beethoven one. Much easier. Moreover, with the Russian composer, every time you come back to a piece of his it almost always says the same thing to you, whereas with Beethoven it is often quite difficult to put your finger right on what he is saying. And any musician will tell you that that is why Beethoven is the (b) composer. Because music which always says the same thing to you will necessarily soon become dull music, but music whose meaning is slightly different with each hearing has a greater chance of remaining alive.
a b
1. tastes greater
2. reactions greater