Hi, I'd like to send a letter to two friends of mine. Could any nativespeaker please correct it? Thanks a lot.

Dear C. and J.,
how are you? we are all fine. Sam had some problems at the beginning of her pregnancy, but now she is well and the baby is ok, too. Rita, Elisa and Davide are also fine.
Sam and I are looking for a house to buy but it's not an easy task because prices are very high.
We are looking forward to having our baby. We still don't know if it's a girl or a boy. Next Monday Sam is undergoing an ultrasound test and we may find out the baby gender and we 'll start thinking about the name. We have really no preference, anyway. We are so happy! God has answered our prayers!
Sam will deliver towards the end of September. We'll let you know.
At the moment I'm still living at my mother's flat, so my address is..........