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    Unhappy My parents wanted me to do my homework

    Hello All,
    I want to know the grammatical rule of me in the following sentence:

    "My parents wanted me to do my homework."

    And, are all of the analysis correct?!

    My:modifier of parents
    me: indirect object of wanted and subject of infinitive "to do"
    to do my home work:direct object of wanted.
    my:modifier of homework
    homework : direct object of infinitive "to do".

    But on the below link, the teacher said the "me" is only subject of infinitive "to do" and is not indirect object of wanted. Why?!

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    Re: My parents wanted me to do my homework

    Let's save our members' time and effort by putting this post on hold while it is under discussion here.

    If you get no satisfactory answers from WR, nininaz, tell us why and ask us again.


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