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    Re: problems of learning english as a second language in schools

    When I choose an effective game to play with my students, and receive results that I wanted, and my students enjoyed the game, I feel satisfied and realize that I"ve done my best.

    But if the students try to rule the roost, it's not the matter of games, I suppose

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    Smile Re: problems of learning english as a second language in schools

    i need an article about current issues on second language learning.....

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    Re: problems of learning english as a second language in schools

    Hi there,

    Well one of the problems is that classes are too big for an ideal language learning situation.

    With thirty children being normal, and often with classes as big as 40 or even 60 students the major problem for the teacher is how to get these students speaking.

    With adults one can do pair and group work more easily but with children it can be problematical because children have a natural tendancy to get distracted and mess about and before you know it your classroom is in chaos!

    So a solution for this is to use language games that have many class members participating simultaneously. The old scenario where the teacher goes around the class and each pupil takes it in turn to say one line is buried forever! Oh boy the boredom of those classes...

    So using games like the two below are one solution to this.

    Relay Race ESL Game

    Another major problem when teaching children is classroom management. Well this can be a problem, especially for young teachers who think that they will be able to be friends to their pupil when in fact they should be aiming at being role-models and not buddies.

    There are ideas addressing that issue here:
    Golden Rules of ESL Classroom Management


    Fun ESL Classroom Games and Classroom Management

    And here's an article on some common teaching problems with solutions:
    ESL Games and Activities

    There are plenty more problems but that's all I've got time for right now!
    Check out my article on


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