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Apr 28, 2010
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Hi all,

I'm new in this forum, just joined in. I want to learn something new to improve my English skill through this forum :)

Anyway, I'm a teacher for 7-9th grade in Indonesia. I'm an Indonesian and have been teaching English for around 6 years.
Well, as I mentioned earlier, at the moment I'm teaching a private Junior High School in Jakarta. As the title, I would like to ask for some opinion to all the expert here in order to make an English project that related to the world's issue, such as; global warming, pollution, etc. What would be the best idea to deliver the material to my students...or what would be the most interesting thing in this project procedure so my students feel really eager to fully accomplish it.

Thank you so much for reading my question before. Cheers. :)
What form will the end result take?
What form will the end result take?

Mmm...well, i guess it came up in my mind some projects that may integrated to other school subjects. Such as Biology for instance; i want to give students project of about "The Pollution in Your Environment", so perhaps in group they can go out and and look for any disorder that disturb the environment. We ask them to take photograph for prove, give explanation and maybe give solution based on Biology subjects using English - Simple Present form perhaps. So in my idea, they will learn many skills; English, Biology, etc. Hehehe...this is might be one experiment that i tried.

So, any other opinion perhaps? Still newbie :)
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