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Oct 31, 2012
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I'd like to ask native speakers how often the word "automobile" is used in the English language.
Is the word "car" used more often than "automobile"? If yes, then is there any synonym for "car" that is used as often as "car" is?
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In British English, automobile is not common- we generally use car.
The Americans generally like to shorten words. This is one exception.

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Definitely "car" for me too, in speaking and in what I hear.
The word automobile is American in origin, no?
No! It is actually French; 1865–70; < French: literally, self-movable (vehicle). (Source: Dictionary.com)
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In BrE, we use things like the car industry, a car manufacturer, etc. I can't think of any context where it would be the natural form.
It features in the AA (the Automobile Association) and the RAC (the Royal Automobile Club).

We would speak of the automobile industry or automobile companies, especially in the business press. But in daily use, the product is cars.
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